What do you do in a tennis lesson?

What do you do in a tennis lesson?

6 Fun Tennis Games to Spice up Your Tennis Lessons

  1. Hungry Crocodile. This is a volley drill for younger students.
  2. Count Dracula. Have the kids stand in pairs either side of the service line.
  3. Running the Lines. This can be a warm-up or a drill to increase cardiovascular fitness.
  4. Target Practice.
  5. Dribblers.
  6. Hit and Catch.

What should I teach in my first tennis lesson?

In the first tennis lessons the instructor may spend some time going over continental grip, proper motion and toss before having your child hit a single ball. The instructor will likely teach your child the fundamentals of one of two service motions: Pete Sampras’ motion or Andy Roddick’s motion.

What should I learn first in tennis?

Elements of tennis footwork A player with better tennis footwork will be able to reach the ball with better timing and therefore, hit it with more accuracy and consistency. Getting in the right position to hit the ball should be the objective of your first tennis lesson.

How do you motivate a child to play tennis?

5 Tips to Get Kids Excited About Tennis

  1. Let them play. 1 of 12.
  2. Keep it short. 2 of 12.
  3. Keep it active. 3 of 12.
  4. Make it fun. 4 of 12.
  5. Add friends to the mix. 5 of 12.
  6. Let them play. 7 of 12.
  7. Keep it short. 8 of 12.
  8. Keep it active. 9 of 12.

How do I introduce my kid to tennis?

3 Ways to Introduce Kids to Tennis

  1. Be a good mentor. While many things have changed over the years, some things have stayed the same.
  2. Bring the game home. Keep the kids unplugged at home, by creating a kid-friendly court in your backyard.
  3. Find a good program.

What are the basics of tennis?

All games of tennis consist of six basic strokes: the serve, forehand groundstroke, backhand groundstroke, forehand volley, backhand volley, and the overhead smash.

How many lessons are there in the junior tennis program?

The program consists of five major parts, each of which is crucial for the development of a nationally ranked tennis junior. 1. Group lessons – 90 to 120 minutes – five times per week (weekdays)

Why do we use tennis lesson plans?

In this section you will find tennis lesson plans which represent the way we conduct our own classes. Use them as a guide so that you and your students shall have an enjoyable and valuable time on the court. All lesson plans are structured to fit into one hour time frame.

How do I train my child to become a professional tennis player?

Developing physical skills and abilities is the most important part of training for children under 10 years. After that, physical skills will take a back seat to group lessons for the remainder of the player’s career. 4. Mental training (after 12 years old) – 30 minutes – once per week (off court + on-court training during lessons)

How many times a week should I take tennis lessons?

Group lessons – 90 to 120 minutes – five times per week (weekdays) Tennis training consists of approximately 10% instruction and 90% repetition. Repetition of strokes and playing patterns is necessary to make them subconscious and automatic.