What did Ian Thorpe say about Michael Phelps?

What did Ian Thorpe say about Michael Phelps?

“I may regret saying this, but I kind of wish Michael Phelps was kind of a little bit older,” Thorpe said on the podcast. “It would have challenged me. I would have had someone else there.” Phelps revered Thorpe’s ability to perform under pressure as a teenager.

Is Ian Thorpe in intensive care?

He is now under intensive care in Sydney, and Seven said Thorpe’s close associates fear he could lose the use of his left arm.

How old is Ian Thorpe?

39 years (October 13, 1982)Ian Thorpe / Age

Ian Thorpe, (born October 13, 1982, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), Australian athlete, who was the most successful swimmer in that country’s history, accumulating five Olympic gold medals and 11 world championship titles between 1998 and 2004.

Was Michael Phelps better than Ian Thorpe?

At those 2003 World Championships, Phelps and Thorpe locked up in the 200 individual medley, hardly a strong event for the Aussie. Ultimately, Phelps prevailed by more than three seconds over Thorpe, the silver medalist.

Why do Ian Thorpes hands shake?

Aside from his anxiety with eggs, he says the cameras also caught him with his hands shaking nervously as he was cutting up a tomato.

Who has more medals Thorpe or Phelps?

Both will go down in history and, while statistics might lead you towards one or the other, choosing the best is a matter of opinion. Phelps has six Olympic gold medals, Thorpe five. Thorpe has 11 world titles, Phelps 10.

Who is Ryan Channing?

The 31-year-old, who split from the Aussie Olympian in late 2019, is the founder of The Blaq Group, which owns skincare brands Blaq, Flight Mode and Generation Skin. Ryan said the show, called The Skintrepreneurs, will follow the journey of The Blaq Group, which is the largest skincare exporter in Australia.

Why is Ian Thorpe in ICU?

In 2014, Thorpe was admitted to intensive care due to another infection contracted amid his original shoulder operation.

What is Ian Thorpes occupation?

Ian Thorpe/Professions

How well do you know Ian Thorpe?

Ian Thorpe is a famous Australian swimmer and Olympic champion. Although now retired, Thorpe will forever go down in swimming history as one of the world’s greatest swimmers. Here are 10 facts about Ian Thorpe that you probably didn’t know. 1.

What religion does Ian Thorpe follow?

Ian Thorpe is a professional Australian freestyle swimmer. Ian Thorpe is best known as the five-time Olympic gold medal winner. Ian Thorpe was born Ian James Thorpe on October 13, 1982, and is currently 38 years old. Born in Milperra, New South Wales, Australia, Ian is Australian by nationality. Similarly, he follows Christianity.

Is Ian Thorpe the fastest man in the world?

Ian Thorpe was a rare specimen two decades ago when he could perfectly mix speed and endurance to be nearly unbeatable across the 200 and 400 freestyle for six years. That model can be seen in the swims of the only two men ever to swim faster than Thorpe over 200m freestyle, Yannick Agnel, of France, and Michael Phelps, of the United States.

What is the Ian Thorpe fountain for youth?

9. Australian Aboriginal Philanthropy In additional to raising money for research into childhood illnesses, the Ian Thorpe Fountain for Youth also focused on improving living conditions for the Australian aboriginal communities. Unfortunately, Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth charity no longer exists.