What did Eloy Alfaro do for Ecuador?

What did Eloy Alfaro do for Ecuador?

Alfaro led the modernization of Ecuadorian society through the introduction of new ideas, education, and systems of public transport and communication, including the engineering feat of the Transandino Railway linking Guayaquil with Quito.

How did Eloy Alfaro died?

On January 28, 1912, a mob broke out and busted into the prison cell where Alfaro was held at. They dragged him along the streets of Quito, Ecuador. Alfaro was killed during the attack, aged 69.

What was one of Eloy Alfaro greatest reforms and accomplishments as president?

Although widely reviled by conservatives at the time, today he is considered by Ecuadorians to be one of their greatest presidents. He accomplished many things during his administrations, most notably the construction of a railroad linking Quito and Guayaquil.

What was significant about President Alfaro’s administration?

His Fundamental Law of Public Instruction (1886) committed the nation to free, compulsory, and secular education. The education budget was tripled during his administration. Other notable achievements included the construction of the National Library and the Asilo Chapuí mental hospital.

When did Peru take land from Ecuador?

The Ecuadorian–Peruvian War took place between 1857 and 1860. The conflict began when Ecuador attempted to sell Amazon basin land claimed by Peru in order to settle a debt with British creditors.

Do Ecuadorians not like Peruvians?

Ecuadorians hate Peruvians because of the wars, Brazilians are basically the dominant war-stopping country and Chile hates Peru and Ecuador, mainly mocking Peruvians.

Are Ecuadorians friendly?

Ecuadorians are generally nice and hospitable to visitors and tourists, but that won’t keep them from making fun when they see gringos trekking the Amazon in a thick poncho or hiking a volcano in flip-flops.