What did Disney Channel Call October?

What did Disney Channel Call October?

Monstober (previously named as Disney Channel’s Hauntober Fest) was a nightly marathon of scary, Halloween-related movies, that debuted on October 1, 2005 on Disney Channel.

How many Disney Halloween movies are there?

Disney has produced a vast amount of Halloween movies over the past several decades and we’ve gathered the ultimate list (29 movies in total) spanning from 1949 to today to help you start getting into the Halloween spirit.

What was the first Disney Halloween movie?

Under Wraps (1997)
Under Wraps (1997) Disney channel’s very first Halloween DCOM, Under Wraps, is about three 12-year-olds who find a mummy and accidentally bring it to life.

Does Disney still play Halloweentown?

Whether you’re a witch, warlock, or just a “normie,” Halloweentown is a fan-favorite film for October. There are even some instrumentals that play throughout this Disney Channel movie, as well as its original sequels, now available on Disney+.

What channel are Halloween movies on?

31 Nights of Halloween

Network Fox Family (1998–2001) ABC Family (2002–2015) Freeform (2016–present)
Format Horror films and Halloween-based programming
Running time Nightly, annually from October 19 to October 31 (until 2017) Nightly, annually from October 1 to October 31 (starting in 2018)
Original language(s) English

What channels play Halloween movies?

Where to watch Halloween movies and TV shows

  • AMC’s FearFest. This year, AMC presents 80 movies as part of FearFest, which runs Oct.
  • Disney Channel/Disney Junior.
  • Disney+ Halloween collection.
  • Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween.
  • Ghostober.
  • Huluween.
  • Netflix’s Halloween Favorites.
  • Peacock-tober.

When were the first Halloween specials on the Disney Channel?

ll the known Halloween specials aired on the Disney Channel during the month of October in the 1983-1992 based on existing Disney Channel Magazine archives. This list shall start off with many of the obscure specials and eventually will cover the Halloween episodes of Disney’s programming, such as the Halloween episode for Disney’s Pooh Corner.

What was the best Halloween Block on Disney Channel ever?

Every Night in October, movies such as Halloweentown and the extremely successful premiere of Twitches. Also, 3 Disney Channel Original Series aired new Halloween Episodes. Hauntoberfest 2005 was the most successful Halloween block Disney Channel had ever had at that time.

What are some of the scariest Disney Channel Halloween movies?

The Scariest Disney Channel Halloween Movies (If the movie had a disclaimer in the magazine that it is too scary for younger audiences and had to appear after 6:00p.m. then it goes here. No order.) *Return to Oz *Something Wicked this Way Comes

What was the first Halloween episode of America Dragon?

” Halloween Bash ” This is the first Halloween Episode of America Dragon. In 2005, Disney Channel aired Twitches on October 14 as part of the Hauntoberfest. Unlike Disney Channel’s Hauntober Fest 2005, the 2006 edition included new features.