What country is taramasalata from?

What country is taramasalata from?


Who created taramasalata?


A plate of taramasalata garnished with cucumber, olives and tomato
Type Spread
Course Meze
Place of origin Greece
Main ingredients Tarama (salted and cured roe of cod or carp), bread crumbs or mashed potatoes, lemon juice or vinegar, olive oil

Is taramasalata a caviar?

As nouns the difference between caviar and taramosalata is that caviar is roe of the sturgeon or other large fish, considered a delicacy while taramosalata is a greek and turkish dish of fish roe (carp or cod), lemon juice, breadcrumbs, onion garlic and olive oil; often served as a meze or with pitta bread.

What is taramasalata in English?

taramasalata in American English (ˌtɑrɑmɑsɑˈlɑtɑ ) noun. a Greek appetizer consisting of a thick paste made from salted fish roe, onion, and lemon juice, pureed with bread or potato.

Is taramasalata raw fish?

Taramasalata (Greek spelling ταραμοσαλάτα) is a creamy mixture made of fish roe (tarama), olive oil, lemon juice, onion and bread. Real taramasalata is made from the pickled eggs of cod, mullet, carp, herring or tuna. Taramasalata is sold ready-made everywhere, but factory versions cannot match the home-made version.

Can pregnant ladies eat taramasalata?

Only a few foods, e.g. margarine, oily fish (like sardines) and taramasalata, contain it. You need vitamin D to keep your bones healthy and to provide your baby with vitamin D to last during the first few months of life.

What do you eat with taramasalata?

As a side dish, taramasalata always has accompaniments. Pita (Greek bread) is the obvious choice, but a bag of salted chips is also very tasty! Taramasalata comes into its own as mezze with aubergine dip, keftedes (meatballs) and dolmades (stuffed vine leaves).

Why is my taramasalata bitter?

We understand that sometimes smoked cod’s roe can be a little bitter when used in taramasalata. Some people suggest this is caused by the membrane on the roe, which should be removed completely. If the taramasalata is too bitter then you would probably need to add extra breadcrumbs and also oil.