What company owns brotzeit?

What company owns brotzeit?

Brotzeit (restaurant)

Type Private company
Founded 2006
Headquarters Singapore
Area served Southeast Asia, North Asia, Australia and New Zealand
Key people Gerhard Lanyi, M.A. (International) Carsten Kjeldmann (Singapore/International) Carsten Kjeldmann (Singapore)

What does brotzeit mean in German?

Brotzeit is a German word that technically translates as “bread-time,” but has come to mean a hearty snack consumed between the main meals of the day.

Is brotzeit a franchise?

One of the world’s leading and highly awarded franchised German casual dining concepts, Brotzeit® currently operates 13 restaurants in 5 countries, four of which are corporate owned, located in Singapore (HQ). A partnership with Brotzeit® is a two-way street.

What company owns Applebees?

Dine Brands GlobalApplebee’s International, Inc. / Parent organization

What is Applebee dining category?

Applebee’s® competes in the grill + bar segment of the restaurant industry’s Casual Dining category. In 2015, Applebee’s completed its refranchising program, successfully transitioning to an almost 100% franchised restaurant system.

What does brotzeit involve?

Brotzeit (lit. trans. “Bread time”) is a traditional German savory snack native to Bavarian cuisine. Typical items consumed as part of Brotzeit include bread, butter, ham, sliced cheese, dried wurst, head cheese, hard-boiled egg, and popular condiments such as pickles, radishes, and onions.

What is a brotzeit plate?

Make a Brotzeit Board or Platter The board is usually a wood platter covered with delicious things. It’s served with a basket containing breads.

Is Applebees a franchise?

Franchise Description: Applebee’s Franchisor LLC is the franchisor. Franchisees operate sit-down, table service restaurants, including the service of food and alcoholic beverages, under the trade name of “Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar.”