What car is the Asbo?

What car is the Asbo?

DC Peter Grant’s car is referred to as “the Asbo” on many occasions. This is a name first given to the Ford Focus ST by television presenter Jeremy Clarkson on BBC television’s Top Gear. It derives from ASBO which is an acronym for an Anti-social Behaviour Order.

How much is the Asbo GTA?

The Asbo can be purchased in GTA Online from Southern S.A. Super Autos for a price of $408,000. The Asbo can be stored in any of your Properties/Garages as a Personal Vehicle. It can be customized at Los Santos Customs.

Is the Dinka Blista kanjo good?

Is The Blista Kanjo Worth It? No, it’s not really worth it as a practical car, but more of a collector’s item. Even if you drop $200,000 in upgrades, it still has poor takeoff, handling and feels very clunky. Its braking is one of the worst in the game so it’s not going to take you around corners very well.

What cars can you camber in GTA 5 Tuner update?


  • Imponte Deluxo ~ $4,721,500($3,550,000), Warstock Cache & Carry (only in flying mode but still counts lol)
  • Vapid Retinue Mk II ~ $1,620,000, Southern S.A. Super Autos.
  • Vulcar Nebula Turbo ~ $797,000, Southern S.A. Super Autos.

What car is the Maxwell Asbo IRL?

Vauxhall Corsa C
Grand Theft Auto Online The Asbo is based on the Vauxhall Corsa C, with the rear portion, particularly the rear lights, having some influence from the 2005–2009 Fiat Grande Punto.

Is the Dinka Sugoi fast?

It has average acceleration and a decent top speed of 119.25 mph (191.91 km/h). For a four-seater car the Dinka Sugoi handles respectably at lower speeds, but doesn’t excel at high speed corners. Players can make it look like a true sports car designed for racing on circuits.

Are low grip tires good GTA?

The latest tires added to the game are the low grip tires. The low grip results in the car drifting while turning which is exactly why they were made like this. These tires are best if players want to build a drift car to perform stunts in the game.

What car is Mercedes in GTA 5?


Image Vehicle Based on (HD Universe)
The Glendale in Grand Theft Auto V. Glendale Mercedes-Benz W123/W114
The Glendale Custom in Grand Theft Auto Online. Glendale Custom
The Krieger in Grand Theft Auto Online. Krieger Mercedes-AMG One
The Panto in Grand Theft Auto V. Panto 2007-present Smart Fortwo