What can I use instead of bar chain oil in chainsaw?

What can I use instead of bar chain oil in chainsaw?

6 Chainsaw Bar & Chain Oil Alternatives

  • Vegetable Oil. Vegetable oil is one of the safest alternatives available to oil your chainsaw.
  • Canola Oil. Similar to vegetable oil, canola oil is another super-safe alternative.
  • Motor Oil.
  • Hydraulic Fluid (Diluted)
  • Drained Motor Oil (Diluted)
  • Drained Hydraulic Fluids (Diluted)

Can I use a substitute for bar and chain oil?

Motor Oil. Chain saw bar and chain oil isn’t rated by SAE like traditional automobile motor oil. If your manufacturer’s bar and chain oil is unavailable, you can use SAE 30 weight motor oil to lube your chain during the summer and SAE 10 weight during the winter, according to the University of Missouri Extension.

Can I use vegetable oil instead of bar and chain oil?

Effective – Vegetable oils have natural properties including good lubricity, resistance to shear, a high flash point, and a high viscosity index. These qualities lend themselves to chain lubricant requirements similar to petroleum-based chain oils, and do not contribute to chain or bar wear over time.

Can you use 2 stroke oil as bar oil?

Can You Use 2 Cycle Oil As Bar Oil? You should only use two-cycle oil as the mix, never as a chainsaw bar oil alternative. Using two-cycle oil on the bar will not provide enough tackiness to stick to the chainsaw chain in the summer months. Two-cycle oil also will not work in the winter.

What is the difference between chainsaw oil and motor oil?

Bar and chain oil is stickier than regular motor oil, so it stays on the chain longer. Motor oil flings off the chain more quickly, so if you try Terry’s tip, be prepared to refill the oil on your chain saw more quickly than with regular bar and chain oil.

Can I use 2 stroke oil as bar oil?

Can I use 2 stroke oil for chainsaw bar oil?

What is the best substitute for chainsaw bar oil?

It’s thinner than vegetable oil too, and some people use it as a substitute for chainsaw bar oil. Why is it a good option? Canola oil is eco-friendly a nd it works just fine in cold weather.

Can I use hydraulic fluid instead of bar and chain oil?

If you have machinery around that uses hydraulic systems, you can use the hydraulic oil as a substitute for bar and chain oil. Using only hydraulic fluid might be frustrating as it will dry up very fast.

When should I use a substitute oil for my Chain?

Substitute oils should only be applied when you have no other option. Bars and chains get built with different types of composites and metals, thus needing proper lubrication. Friction can cause all sorts of trouble, especially when your chain is rotating at 40 + MPH.

Can you run a chainsaw without bar and chain oil?

Running your chainsaw without bar and chain oil should be avoided at all costs. You can use motor oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, diesel motor oil, second-hand or drained motor oi and drained hydraulic fluids. Diesel oil is great if you’re using your chainsaw at freezing temperatures. Second-hand oil should only be used as a last resort.