What breed of horse was Fusaichi Pegasus?

What breed of horse was Fusaichi Pegasus?

American Thoroughbred racehorse
Fusaichi Pegasus (Japanese pronunciation: [ɸɯ̥saꜜitɕi]; foaled April 12, 1997) is a champion American Thoroughbred racehorse who won the 2000 Kentucky Derby, and subsequently set a record at auction – selling for US$70M to Coolmore Stud….

Fusaichi Pegasus
Sex Stallion
Foaled 1997
Country USA
Colour Bay

Who bought Fusaichi Pegasus?

— Kentucky Derby winner Fusaichi Pegasus has been sold to Ashford Stud, the North American division of the global stallion operation Coolmore Stud, for a sum that is believed to be between $60 million and $70 million, easily topping the record price of $40 million paid for Shareef Dancer in 1983.

What is Fusaichi Pegasus stud fee?

Fusaichi Pegasus is expected to campaign through the Breeders’ Cup for owner Fusao Sekiguchi, who will not retain any ownership for breeding purposes. The colt will stand at Ashford in Versailles, Ky., and carry a stud fee in the $200,000 range.

How many hands is Fusaichi Pegasus?

16.1½ hands
A strong, well-made bay standing 16.1½ hands, Fusaichi Pegasus combines the muscular build and excellent balance typical of the best of the Northern Dancer tribe with the strong hindquarters and superior hind leg characteristic of his sire Mr. Prospector. He had a smooth stride and possessed excellent acceleration.

Why is the Fusaichi Pegasus so expensive?

Fusaichi Pegasus may have racked up $2 million in winnings before his fifth birthday, but by then his racing career was over. The $60-million-plus fee was paid in expectation that he would produce race-winning offspring and become a money-spinner in the horse breeding industry. command the highest stud fee.”

What happened Fusaichi Pegasus?

I) winner Fusaichi Pegasus, has died as a result of injuries she sustained in a paddock accident on Jan. 30 at Arthur B. Hancock III’s Stone Farm in Paris, Ky. The 14-year-old mare, who was in foal to Seeking the Gold , fractured her pelvis and severed a major artery.

What is the meanest horse?

The answer is the hot blooded horses.

  • Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Akhal-Tekes, and Barbs.
  • These breeds have a very high temperament. They are hot headed, stubborn, and, athletic, quick, intelligent and very beautiful horses.
  • Thoroughbreds as you probably know are racing horses.

Is Fusaichi Pegasus a good horse?

A horse of virtually impeccable breeding and conformation, Fusaichi Pegasus was expected to be a good one and was. After his seemingly effortless win in the 2000 Kentucky Derby (USA-G1), he was viewed as a virtual lock for the American Triple Crown.

What is the meaning of Fusaichi Pegasus?

Fusaichi Pegasus is profiled in Chapter 13 of Avalyn Hunter’s American Classic Pedigrees 1914-2002 (2003, Eclipse Press). Fusaichi Pegasus’ name combines the first name of his owner, the Japanese word ichi (meaning “first” or “number one”) and the name of the winged horse of Greek mythology.

How many times has Pegasus Racing won the Kentucky Derby?

Fusaichi Pegasus reached the milestone of 75 stakes winners in September 2016 when his daughter Black Mission Fig won the Dr. Teresa Garofalo Memorial Stakes at Prairie Downs.

What happened to Kentucky Derby winner Fusaichi?

Kentucky Derby winner Fusaichi Pegasus has been pensioned from stallion duty at Coolmore’s Ashford Stud in Kentucky. Awww I’m actually happy to hear that. I hope he goes to Old Friends 🙂 Is no longer on Ashford’s website.