What ATAR is needed for engineering at Monash?

What ATAR is needed for engineering at Monash?

The Monash Guarantee does not apply to the Law Pathways, which require an achieved ATAR of 90+….Art, Design, and Architecture.

Architectural Design 75
Design/Business 78
Design/Engineering 86
Design/Information Technology 78
Design/Media Communication 78

Is Monash University good for engineering?

Monash University maintains its top place position in Australia for its chemical engineering course, scoring incredibly well in the research citations per paper and the H-index indicators, reflecting the strong reputability of the university’s research. View the full chemical engineering ranking here.

What ATAR score is needed for electrical engineering?

Admission criteria Guaranteed ATAR: 92.00, subject to non-ATAR criteria being met. A guide to guaranteed ATARs.

Is engineering at Monash hard?

I study engineering at Monash University Australia Clayton campus and it’s really stressful. The weeks go at a relentless pace and it is hard to manage time efficiently.

Is Melbourne or Monash better for engineering?

Depends on what degree are you seeking; if you’re looking for an undergrad I suggest you go to monash; they have a bachelor of engineering (4 yrs) program whereas melbourne uni has a bachelor of science (3 yrs) program plus a masters program (2 yrs).

Why study engineering at Monash?

Monash University is a global leader in engineering, attracting outstanding academics and featuring world-best research facilities. You’ll use these facilities while completing your studies, working with our academics to contribute to the latest breakthroughs in engineering research.

How do I get a place at Monash?

For most courses, if you meet the eligibility criteria, achieve the Monash Guarantee ATAR listed below and complete all course prerequisites, you will be eligible for a place at Monash. For some courses, a range of criteria (RC) is used for selection in addition to your ATAR, such as an audition or folio.

What are the entry requirements for Monash University?

For more information on these courses, see Monash College entry requirements. Satisfactory completion of Monash University Foundation Year. Satisfactory completion of an advanced certificate (Certificate IV or above) or diploma meets minimum requirements for some Monash undergraduate courses.

Does the Monash guarantee apply to scholars programs?

The Monash Guarantee does not apply to Scholars programs. Entry to the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine is based on a range of criteria. We have reserved some places for students eligible for the Monash Guarantee who would not otherwise have been offered a place and have the strongest results across the range of criteria.