What are the territories on Risk board?

What are the territories on Risk board?

The Board

  • Asia — 12 territories, 7 armies per turn.
  • Europe — 7 territories, 5 armies per turn.
  • North America — 9 territories, 5 armies per turn.
  • Africa — 6 territories, 3 armies per turn.
  • South America — 4 territories, 2 armies per turn.
  • Australia — 4 territories, 2 armies per turn.

What is a territory in Risk?

Territories. Place the new armies on any territory you already occupy. Example: 11 territories = 3 armies, 14 territories = 4 armies, 17 territories = 5 armies. You will always receive at least 3 armies on a turn, even if you occupy fewer than 9 territories.

How many territories are there in Risk?

42 territories
The territory cards correspond to the 42 territories on the playing board. Each of the territory cards also depicts a symbol of an infantry, cavalry, or artillery piece.

What is the best territory in Risk?

Australia, also composed of four territories, is perhaps the best choice. Not only can it be taken in the first round—it, too, has only four territories, but it has but one border to defend. A player who takes Australia early on often holds it for the remainder of the game, collecting bonus armies all along.

Is East Africa connected to Middle East in Risk?

The East Africa-Middle East link was added to standard Risk many years ago. The first set I played on as a boy did not have it but this was replaced in the early 80’s or late 70’s and did have the connection. If it’s on the board, all players should agree if the connection is to be ignored.

How many armies do you start off with in Risk?

The number of armies that begins the game depends on the number of players: 40 armies for two players: 35 armies each if three players; 30 armies each if four players; 25 armies each if five players; and 20 armies each if six players.

How many reinforcements are in Risk?

The player places the armies on any of his territories. The first set to be turned is worth 4 reinforcements; the second is worth 6; third 8; fourth 10; fifth 12; sixth 15 and for every additional set thereafter 5 more armies than the previous set turned in.

What is the longest board game ever made?

The Campaign for North Africa
Description. The Campaign for North Africa has been called the longest board game ever produced, with estimates that a full game would take 1,500 hours to complete.

How many armies do you start in Risk?

What is the best place to start in risk?

As a general rule, start small – South America, Africa or Australia – and expand to the larger continents.

What is the best tactic in risk?

Risk Board Game Strategy for World Domination

  1. Take an Easy-to-Hold Continent.
  2. Be Flexible, Adapt Your Risk Game Strategy to the Situation.
  3. Don’t Get Complacent!
  4. Know When Attacking is Worth It.
  5. Protect Your Borders.
  6. Form Alliances.
  7. Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself.
  8. Take Big (Educated) Risks.

Does Africa touch the Middle East?

Note that East Africa and the Middle East are clearly visible and are actually touching in the picture. Here is a shot of the 1980 game board map. While the two territories are not touching (as shown on the cover), they are clearly connected by a dashed line.