What are the stages in learning Kalaripayattu?

What are the stages in learning Kalaripayattu?

There are four different stages to learning Kalaripayattu — Meipayattu, Kolthari, Angathari and Verum kai prayogam. Body movements are first learnt in Meipayattu, allowing the student to develop their flexibility. The next stage is Kolthari, where students begin to grasp fighting techniques, including use of sticks.

What is the fourth stage in Kalaripayattu?

The Fourth Stage – Verumkai (Bare Hand Technique) Verumkai is the last stage of Kalaripayattu training. Here, the student is required to fight armed, unarmed, or multiple opponents without using weapons. In this stage, bare hand techniques such as grips, kicks, strikes, blocks, attacks, throws, etc.

Who discovered Kalaripayattu?

According to ancient folklore, Lord Vishnu’s disciple Parasurama who was an avatar of Lord Vishnu is believed to be the founder of martial arts in India. Kalaripayattu, which is the most popular amongst many martial arts practiced in India, is believed to have been founded by Parasurama.

At what age can I learn Kalaripayattu?

Historically, all Keralites of the Hindu community, men and women alike, would undergo mandatory training in Kalaripayattu beginning at the age of 7 or 9 and lasting until the end of their education.

Who is the father of Kalaripayattu?


Also known as Kalari, Kalari Payat
Creator Parashurama (as per legend)
Famous practitioners Notable Kalaripayattu practitioners
Olympic sport No
Meaning “Practice in the arts of the battlefield”

What is the age to learn Kalaripayattu?

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What are the different stages of Kalaripayattu?

These stages are known as Meythari, Kolthari, Ankathari and Verumkai. There is a difference of opinion among the Kalaripayattu Gurukkal’s in Kerala that a fifth stage is existing in Kalaripayattu apart from these four, called Kalari marma treatment ( treatment based on the vital points of the body).

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Is Kalaripayattu easy to learn?

“Kalaripayattu training is one of the easiest martial art forms to learn. “All you need is a determined mind,” — Mr.Gurukkal Kalaripayattu trainer People who seek Kalaripayattu training they should follow some basic steps. It is a holy way of learning which is in the form of guru-shishya tradition.