What are the parts of a spiral staircase called?

What are the parts of a spiral staircase called?

The column is the vertical pole that runs down the center of a spiral stair. It acts as a sort of axis of the rest of the spiral stair and a primary support piece. The columns are the primary support because all of the other spiral stair parts connect to the column.

What is the central column of a spiral staircase called?

Centre pole
Centre pole — The central pillar in a spiral or squarial staircase which supports all of the treads.

What is the edge of a step called?

The riser is the vertical surface of the stair. The tread on the other hand is the horizontal surface of the stair and the part of the stair you step on. Nosing is the portion of the tread that overhangs the front of the riser. Often a stair builder will talk about the rise and run of the stair.

How does a newel post work?

You might commonly know newel posts as somewhere to hang your coat at the bottom of a staircase. But they’re much more important than that. A newel pPost is a vertical post that provides structure to your staircase, traditionally sitting at the top and/or bottom to support any handrail and secure balustrades in place.

What are the pillars in stairs called?

Newel Posts A newel post is the upright pillar seen on staircases that supports the handrail. The newel post is the first large post you find at the foot of the staircase, but can often also be used on landings if there is a turn in a staircase.

What is a spiral staircase?

Definition of spiral staircase : a set of stairs that winds around a central post or column Learn More About spiral staircase

What is a helical stair?

The image below shows a helical or spiral stair in elm that has no central post but it moves up in a stairwell that is less than 2mx2m: A spiral staircases can be made in wood, metal or stone and can often be not only a very useful space saver but also be a great architectural design feature for a room.

What is a stair?

What is a ‘stair’, exactly? The stairs definition itself is of Germanic origin, from the Old English stǣger, meaning to ‘climb’ from a base . The many different types of staircase are now popular features in the contemporary home project, and even in the modern interiors of commercial institutions.

What is the rotation angle of a spiral staircase?

A staircase of 12 steps has a rotation angle of 12 x 30 = 360 degrees; 9 stepped stair has 9 x 30 = 270 degree rotation. The width of the stair forms the diameter of the spiral staircase. The diameter of the stairs decides whether it fits to the space provided.