What are the factors affecting localization of industries?

What are the factors affecting localization of industries?

Factors that influence where an industry locates include:

  • power supply.
  • communications – including transport, telecommunications.
  • labour supply – including workers with the right skills.
  • access to market – where the goods are sold.
  • grants and financial incentives – usually from governments.
  • raw materials.

What are the factors influencing the growth of industry?

ADVERTISEMENTS: Some of the important factors influencing industrial productivity are : (i) Technological Development (ii) Quality of Human Resources (iii) Availability of Finance (iv) Managerial Talent (v) Government Policy (vi) Natural Factors!

What are the factors affecting location of industries Class 8?

The factors that affect the location of industries are the easy availability of raw material and land, adequate supply of water and labour, access to power and transport, presence of market and a good amount of capital.

What are the ideal factors for Localisation of industries Class 8?

What is location and localization of industry?

Explanation. (a) Location of industries refers to the choice of a site of a firm in an industry. The factors taken into consideration in choosing a site may be economic or political. On the other hand, localization of industries refers to the concentration of firms of an industry in a particular area.

What are the 6 factors of industrialization?

What are the six factors that caused industrialization in the USA?

  • Six Causes of Industrialization. Natural Resources.
  • Natural Resources. Abundance of Forests: Cheap resource for building material.
  • Growing Population. …
  • Improved Transportation.
  • High Immigration.
  • New Inventions.
  • Investment Capital.

What are the factors affecting industries in India?

7 General Factors Influencing Location of Industries in India

  • Raw Material: The earliest industries in India developed near the sources of raw material.
  • Energy:
  • Transport:
  • Labour:
  • Water:
  • Market:
  • New Factors in a Changed Situation:

What are the factors affecting industrial location class 10?

The factors affecting the location of industries are the availability of raw material, land, water, labour, power, capital, transport and market.

What are the disadvantages of localization of industries?

Localization of industries has certain disadvantages also. They are:

  • One-sided development of man-power.
  • Mobility of labor gets decreased. ADVERTISEMENTS:
  • Economic development of a country becomes lopsided.
  • Fear of unemployment and economic difficulties.
  • War may devastate the particular industrial area.

What are the factors affecting the location of an industry?

1. Availability of raw materials: In determining the location of an industry, nearness to sources of raw material is of vital importance. Nearness to the sources of raw materials would reduce the cost of production of the industry. For most of the major industries, the cost of raw materials form the bulk of the total cost.

What are the factors of localization and agglomeration of industries?

These factors are known as factors of localization of industries or agglomeration of industries. The most important factors are: (i) Raw material. (ii) Source of Power.

What is meant by localization or concentration of industries?

The location of several firms producing a commodity in a particular place or region is known as localization or concentration or simply location of industries. Areas or Regions also specialize in the production of a good. Localization or location of industries is also described as Concentration of industries or Geographical division of labor.

What are the factors affecting the location of agro-based industries?

Therefore, most of the agro-based and forest-based industries are located in the vicinity of the sources of raw material supply. 2. Availability of Labour: Adequate supply of cheap and skilled labour is necessary for and industry.