What are the dog sled commands?

What are the dog sled commands?

The most common commands for a dog team are:

  • Hike!: Get moving.
  • Gee!: Turn to the right.
  • Haw!: Turn to the left.
  • Easy!: Slow down.
  • Straight Ahead!: move forward, for instance at an intersection of trails.
  • Whoa!: Stop.
  • On By!: Pass another team or other distraction.
  • Line Out!

What are the parts of a dog sled?

Mushing Equipment

  • Brushbow. The brushbow is like the front bumper of the sled.
  • Bed. The bed is the flat part of the sled that is used for storage and hauling gear.
  • Runners. The runners are what the sled sits on.
  • Brake. The brake is used to stop the team.
  • Dragmat. The dragmat is the speed control of the team.

Why do dog sled drivers say mush?

The French dog sled drivers would commonly use “marche” (walk) as the command to get the dogs to start moving. When the British took over, this is thought to have eventually given rise to the English dog sledding command “mush,” with the first known instance of this term (referencing dog sledding) popping up in 1862.

What do you call a sled dog driver?

Musher: A person who drives a sled dog team. May also be called a Dog Driver.

What does ho mean in dog sledding?

What does ho mean in dog sledding? Come haw! — Command for 180-degree turns in either direction. Line out! — Command for lead dog to pull the team out straight from the sled (mostly used when hooking or unhooking dogs).

What does Frontier mean in dog sledding?

Last Frontier: Alaska’s State motto. Alaska was the last frontier in the United States. Lead Dog or Leader: Dog who runs in front of others. Generally must be both intelligent and fast. Line Out!

What is the sport of dog sledding called?

dogsled racing
dogsled racing, also called sled dog racing, sport of racing sleds pulled by dogs, usually over snow-covered cross-country courses. In warmer climates, wheeled carts are substituted for the sleds. Dogsledding was developed from a principal Eskimo method of transportation.

What is a gee pole?

The gee pole is common in photos of sled dog freighting from the turn of the century, but extremely rare to see on the trails today. It is a long wooden pole lashed onto the right (“gee”) side of a heavy dog sled and the musher walks, snowshoes or skis in front of it to steer the load.