What are the dab nail sizes?

What are the dab nail sizes?

Nails can be made of ceramic, titanium, quartz, and glass and come in a multitude of sizes. Don’t worry, we have it all: 10mm, 14mm, & 18mm, male and female accessories, domed and domeless. Dabber nails can be made of the same array of materials, all depending on your preference.

How do you dab with a Domeless nail?

  1. Turn on your torch and aim the flame directly at the nail. Most people will heat the nail until it begins turning red hot.
  2. Once the nail is hot, turn off your torch and allow the nail to cool.
  3. Take your dabber, apply the dab directly on the nail inside the dome while gently inhaling.
  4. Exhale and enjoy your dab!

What is a Domeless titanium nail?

The domeless titanium nail male and female is a universal dab nail that is popular for a few reasons. Its size is compact, with a height that is 1.875 inches tall. It has a dab hole diameter of 6mm and dab plate diameter of . 5 inches. It is compatible with both 10mm and 15mm male and female stems.

How can you tell 18mm from 14mm?

Almost all small-medium sized bongs and dab rigs have 14mm joints. To find out if your joint is a 14mm all you need is a dime. If the dime is about the same size as your joint its a 14mm. If the dime falls into the joint its an 18mm, and if the joint is much smaller than a dime you have a 10mm joint.

How do I know my banger size?

What is the right size banger? In order to select the correct size banger we have to look at the various sizes of joints on dab rigs. The very most common size is 14mm, however, there are also 10mm as well as 19mm (same as 18mm).

How do you heat a Domeless titanium nail?

How Do You Heat a Titanium Nail?

  1. Use a torch to heat your nail until you reach the desired temperature.
  2. Wait for it to cool down.
  3. Drop the specific amount of concentrate that you want to use onto the nail of the dab rig.
  4. For domeless nails, you can place a carb cap over it to avoid the heat from dissipating quickly.

What size nail do I need for my rig?

Find out which size banger you need: The majority of rigs will fall under three different joint sizes: 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm.

How long should I heat my titanium nail?

When using a titanium nail, all you have to do is heat it until it’s red hot, wait about 20 seconds and then proceed with your dab.

Is 14mm bigger than 18mm?

For almost all bongs and dab rigs you only need to worry about two sizes: 14mm and 18mm. The image below shows you what your joint or bowl will look like compared to a dime. A 14mm male bowl piece is about 3/4 of the size of a dime whereas an 18mm male bowl piece is almost the entire size of a dime.