What are the 114 chapters in Quran?

What are the 114 chapters in Quran?

There are 114 surahs in the Quran, each divided into ayats (verses). The chapters or surahs are of unequal length; the shortest surah (Al-Kawthar) has only three verses while the longest (Al-Baqara) contains 286 verses. Of the 114 chapters in the Quran, 86 are classified as Meccan, while 28 are Medinan.

How many surah are in the Holy Quran?

114 surahs
surah, also spelled sura, Arabic sūrah, chapter in the sacred scripture of Islam, the Qurʾān. Each of the 114 surahs, which vary in length from several pages to several words, encompasses one or more revelations received by Muhammad from Allah (God).

What is the name of surah 114?

Quran 113 & Quran 114 are together called Al-Mu’awwidhatayn. Authentic or “Sahi” means the information is very reliable.

Who put the Quran in order?

Consequently, upon Umar’s insistence, Abu Bakr ordered the collection of the hitherto scattered pieces of the Quran into one copy. Zayd ibn Thabit, Muhammad’s primary scribe, was assigned the duty of gathering all of the Quranic text.

How many surahs are there in the Quran?

Qur’anic revelations are regarded by Muslims as the sacred word of God (Allah), intended to correct any errors, Mistake in previous holy books ( torat zaboor injeel) such as the Old and New Testaments. The Holy Quran have 30 Surahs (chapters) and further divided into Ayahs (6666 verses).

Is there an English translation of the Holy Quran in English?

The Holy Quran tr. by Yusuf Ali [1934] Contents Start Reading Page Index Text [Zipped] This is the text of Yusuf Ali’s English translation of the Quran. This etext was produced in 2009-10 at sacred-texts.com from a reproduction of the 1934 edition.

How many verses are there in Surah Al-Kauthar?

Smallest Surah ‘Al-Kauthar’ in Qur’an is 3 verses. And the longest surah is Suran ‘Al-Baqara’ with 286 verses. There are total 114 Surah’s and 6240 verses in Qur’an. Below is the list of All Surah along with Juz’ both in Araic & English.

What is the Yusuf Ali English translation of the Qur’an?

The Yusuf Ali English text is based on the 1934 book, The Holy Qur-an, Text, Translation and Commentary, (published in Lahore, Cairo and Riyadh). This version is widely used because it is a clear, modern and eloquent translation by a well-respected Muslim scholar. The English text was revised in 2009-10 to more closely match the source book.