What are Starlock washers?

What are Starlock washers?

Also commonly known as star lock washers, they are designed for fastenings with a larger head to resist the force of the washer being compressed as well as holding the surface. …

How do Starlock washers work?

External use lock washers (also called star washers) have teeth made to bite into the bearing surface. An external tooth lock washer is designed to provide stronger holds than internal-tooth washers as the teeth bite into a larger radius, and are best suited to large screws.

What are Starlock washers used for?

Starlock washers are a pressing used on plain shafts of steel, when a quick and permanent means of efficient assembly is needed. These washers dispel the need for threading and grooving operations, and are incredibly secure.

What are ShakeProof washers used for?

ShakeProof Toothed lock washers are used with screws and nuts for electrical connectivity and for anti back off locking action. The teeth are formed in a twisted configuration with sharp edges. One edge bites into the bolt head or nut while the other edge bites into the mating surface.

What is a tab washer?

Tab washers are a mechanical locking solution that secure bolted joints using a physical barrier. The washer itself is a thin piece of metal usually rectangular or circular. The tab washer is installed between the bolt head/nut and the mating surface, and the bolted joint is tightened like a regular bolt.

When should you use a flat washer?

Flat washers are used to protect surfaces by evenly distributing torque when a bolt or screw is tightened. A washer is a thin plate with a concentric hole that’s typically used to evenly distribute the load of a threaded fastener.

Which is better lock nut or lock washer?

Here is the basic breakdown of when you will want to use a locknut over a lock washer: When you need something that can handle the pressure that comes with torquing down a bolt or screw, choose a lock washer. For those home projects that neither need nor can handle the torque required to tighten it, use a locknut.