What are resonator guitars used for?

What are resonator guitars used for?

Resonator guitars are popularly used in bluegrass music and in blues. Traditionally, bluegrass players used square necked Dobro-style instruments played as a steel guitar while blues players favored round-necked National-style guitars, often played with a bottleneck.

Who plays a resonator guitar?

Jerry Douglas Considered the best resophonic player in the world, he’s definitely the most well-known with 13 Grammy’s and a long list of big name gigs.

How to select a resonator guitar?

History of the Resonator. The resonator guitar was invented by John Dopyera in the mid 1920s in an attempt to make an acoustic loud enough to compete with big bands

  • Basic Resonator Designs: Biscuits,Spiders and Cones.
  • Round Neck vs Flat Neck Resonators.
  • Resonator Nuts.
  • Wood vs.
  • How to convert a guitar to a resonator?


  • Replacement Tailpiece
  • Dobro Nut (Optional)
  • Spider Bridge
  • Cover Plate
  • Drill
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood Screws
  • Sound Screens
  • What kind of strings for a resonator guitar?

    The Martin M980 Bluegrass resonator guitar strings are nickel-wound strings built to bring out the unique sound of the resonator guitar. The Newtone National Nickel resonator guitar strings are made using heavy round cores, instead of hexagonal cores, for perfect tension. They come in three gauges. Order strings for your resonator or resophonic guitar from Strings and Beyond and you can rest assured your merchandise will arrive fast.

    How to restring a resonator guitar?

    Overview. Proper set-up is essential to get the optimum tone from a resonator guitar.

  • Fitting a Dobro-style cone. After disassembling the instrument,inspect the soundwell for any delaminations may need to be re-glued.
  • Truing the spider.
  • The saddle.
  • Loading the cone.
  • The nut.
  • Check for rattles and buzzes.
  • National guitars and biscuit bridges.