What are Parcel Post rates?

What are Parcel Post rates?

Domestic Prices

Service Prices
First-Class Mail® From $0.58 at the Post Office From $0.426 for Commercial Pricing
First-Class Package Service® From $3.37 for Commercial Pricing From $4.50 for Retail Pricing
First-Class Package Return® Service From $3.37 for Commercial Pricing

How long is Parcel Post shipping?

It usually takes between 2 and 9 days to receive a Retail Ground package, but USPS sometimes takes up to 14 postal business days to deliver items sent with this method. This mail class was formerly known as Parcel Post and Standard Post.

What is Parcel Post shipping?

Parcel post is a postal service for mail that is too heavy for normal letter post. It is usually slower than letter post. The development of the parcel post is closely connected with the development of the railway network which enabled parcels to be carried in bulk, to a regular schedule and at economic prices.

What is standard post?

Standard mail must be less than 16 ounces and must meet a minimum quantity of 200 pieces or 50 pounds of mail. Standard Mail, also known as “bulk mail”, is processed by the USPS on a “time available” basis. Standard mail is not forwarded or returned if undeliverable unless a special endorsement is used.

What is the difference between regular post and parcel post?

Express post guarantees delivery within 24 hours. That is, they promise to deliver your item by the next business day. Parcel post promises to deliver your item within 2 or more business days.

Is parcel post Standard post?

Parcel Post delivers your items through our standard Australia-wide delivery network.

Does the post office go by weight or size?

For First-Class Mail, shape and weight will determine the price. For Priority Mail, the price is a combination of weight, size, and how far the mailpiece is traveling. Priority Mail pieces that exceed one cubic foot, are subject to “dimensional weight pricing”.

How do you negotiate shipping costs?

How to Negotiate Shipping Rates with FedEx or UPS

  1. Build a Relationship with Your Account Manager.
  2. Let the Data do the Talking.
  3. Know the Types of Discounts Available with FedEx and UPS.
  4. Watch out For Hidden Fees or Surcharges.
  5. Ship with Multiple Carriers Before You Negotiate Shipping Rates.

How are USPS parcel select shipping rates determined?

Like most other USPS shipping methods now, USPS Parcel Select Ground shipping rates are determined by weight and zone-based distance the package is traveling. Though this method comes with free delivery confirmation, there is an added fee for insurance, adult signature, and signature confirmation.

Can I print out a parcel post rate chart?

Because of its large size, the parcel post rate chart is on a page all by itself, from which you can print it out. FOREIGN . . . . Your overseas maximum is $1,500 (up from $750 on 16April2016). The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp. had a higher maximum.

How much does it cost to post a 70 lb parcel?

You’ve got the zone number. Now you need a table of charges to that zone for all the weights up to 70 lb max. Because of its large size, the parcel post rate chart is on a page all by itself, from which you can print it out. FOREIGN . . . . Your overseas maximum is $1,500 (up from $750 on 16April2016).

What are the 2021 Parcel Select ground shipping rates?

Below is a table showing the 2021 Parcel Select Ground shipping rates that went into effect January 27, 2021. Changes range from reductions up to 34 cents to increases up to $7.65. The following table also serves as a USPS Parcel Select Ground rates calculator.