What are off takes?

What are off takes?

What Is an Offtake Agreement? An offtake agreement is an arrangement between a producer and a buyer to purchase or sell portions of the producer’s upcoming goods. It is normally negotiated before the construction of a factory or facility to secure a market and revenue stream for its future output.

What does it mean when something is in the pipeline?

1. In process, under way, as in The blueprints for the new machine are in the pipeline, but it will take months to get approval. [Colloquial; 1940s] Also see in the works. 2. Budgeted for something but not yet spent, as in There’s $5 million more in the pipeline for the city schools. [

What is off take point?

Offtake Point means the final outlet of a Meter at which point the ownership and risk of the Energy will pass to Customer.

What is off take point river?

When the main river channel bifurcates into two channels, the point of bifurcation is called off-take of the bifurcated. channel.

What is offtake in pipeline?

Offtake piping means the pipes or ducts by which gaseous by-products of coking are transported from one end of an oven to a coke oven gas collector main, including the standpipe, standpipe cap and slipjoint, and also including jumper pipes.

What is ditching in pipeline?

Ditching. The ditch is excavated along the pipeline centerline using ditching machines, excavators, backhoes, and other excavation equipment. Pipelines are normally buried with a minimum of 36 in. of cover (DOT regulatory requirement). In consolidated rock, the minimum cover varies between 18 and 24 in.

What is off take in irrigation?

An irrigation system plays a vital role in managing the water resources. An offtake structure draws water from the main supply canal stores and supplies it to the fields. The focus of this study is to design an offtake structure as per the given discharge requirements and ground conditions.

What are off take contracts?

As used in project financing, an agreement to purchase all or a substantial part of the output or product produced by a project. Depending on the nature of the project, this agreement can take the form of a purchase agreement or a service contract.

Where does the expression in the pipeline come from?

In this context, “in the pipeline” is an idiom usually reserved for the plans and projects undertaken by businesses or other large institutions. The phrase gets its meaning from the fact that oil in pipelines is on its way from oil wells to refineries.

Where does the phrase in the pipeline come from?

From the plumbing world, something that is in the pipeline is sure to come out from either end. It refers to on-going projects when used in real life situations. Speculated to be American in its origin but there is no literary evidence available to justify this speculation.

What is the meaning of take point?

To take point, walk point, be on point, or be a point man is to assume the first and most exposed position in a combat military formation, that is, the leading soldier or unit advancing through hostile or unsecured territory. The term can be applied to infantry or mechanized columns.

How do you use offtake in a sentence?

Use “offtake” in a sentence | “offtake” sentence examples

  1. Offtake from other Asian and Japanese consumers has also been brisk.
  2. He also including some, such as gas offtake station, variable power distribution room, heat exchange stations, public toilets, shelter, and other outdoor projects.

What is the noun for take off?

noun A taking off; specifically, a taking of goods off the market by purchase; the amount or value of goods thus taken off the market; a deduction. noun In mining, a subsidiary drainage-level, used where, from the form of the country, the water may be run off level-free. noun A point or channel of drainage or off-flow. To take off; take away.

What is a take off channel?

noun A channel for taking away air or water; also, the point of beginning of such a channel; a take-off. from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

What is material take off (MTO) of piping items?

Material Take Off (MTO) of piping items or piping material take-off is a detailed listing of piping components required for a given project. It includes: Purchase description for all the items.

What is a business pipeline?

A business pipeline is the flow of information or actual products, like a ‘flow’ of goods from manufacturing, generated by supply & demand – this connection btwn factory – retail store – and customer.