What are major exports of Chile?

What are major exports of Chile?

The country mainly exports copper (which accounts for 51.8% of exports), fish fillets and other fish meat (3.5%), chemical wood pulp (2.8%); apricots, cherries, and peaches (2.6%), and wine (2.5%).

What are the top 3 exports of Chile?

Searchable List of Chile’s Most Valuable Export Products

Rank Chile’s Export Product Change
1 Copper ores, concentrates -2.7%
2 Refined copper, unwrought alloys +1.7%
3 Fish fillets, pieces -7.4%
4 Chemical woodpulp (non-dissolving) -25.1%

Which country is the largest exporter of Chile?

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Chile Exports By Country Value Year
China $28.55B 2020
United States $9.70B 2020
Japan $6.37B 2020
South Korea $4.15B 2020

What is Portugal’s main exports?

Among Portugal’s chief exports are automobiles and transport components, machine tools, textiles, clothing, footwear, paper pulp, wine, cork, plastic molds, and tomato paste.

What is Chile’s most valuable export?

Metals form the largest export category in Chile, thereby coming up to $23.2 billion, making it close to one-third of all the exports. Within this category, the three products that are exported the most include refined copper, raw copper, and copper wire, coming at 23%, 3.8%, and 0.7% respectively.

What does Lisbon export?

Searchable List of Portugal’s Most Valuable Export Products

Rank Portugal’s Export Product 2020 Value (US$)
1 Cars $3,585,738,000
2 Automobile parts/accessories $3,243,599,000
3 Processed petroleum oils $2,365,557,000
4 Footwear (leather) $1,486,386,000

What is Chile’s main import?

Chile main imports are: energy products including crude and refined oil, coal, gas and lubricants (16 percent of total purchases); chemicals (6 percent); cars (5 percent); metallic products (5 percent); parts, other machinery and equipment (4 percent); wearing apparel (4 percent) and truck and cargo vehicles (3 percent …