What are Lokes?

What are Lokes?

Definition of loke dialectal, England. : a short narrow lane often coming to a dead end : a private road : blind alley, lane.

What is a TJAY?

Tjay Name Meaning of The name Tjay has derived from the combination of the initials of any two names beginning with the letters T and J.. Tjay name used for Boy. Its Pronunciation is tee-JAY.

What does Nohome mean?

: not done, used, or made in a home nonhome activities nonhome work : not being in a home in a nonhome setting.

What does Staching mean?

transitive verb. : to store in a usually secret place for future use —often used with away. stash.

What does Loke mean in Hawaiian?

If you say “Loki” or “Loke” in Hawaii, you’ll be talking about a flower. If you hear the variant, “Lokelani,” what you’re hearing is an expansion from Flower or Rose to “small red rose,” or alternatively, to the even more expressive “heavenly rose.”

What do Crips call each other?

Crips traditionally refer to each other as “Cuz” or “Cuzz”, which itself is sometimes used as a moniker for a Crip. “Crab” is the most disrespectful epithet to call a Crip, and can warrant fatal retaliation.

What does Jay mean slang?

What does the J stand for, or who is Jay? From around the last quarter of the nineteenth century, jay had been a slang term in North America for a stupid, gullible, ignorant, or provincial person, a rustic, bumpkin or simpleton.

What is the meaning of “liddat”?

Liddat is a misspell for “Like that” and is usually used as a short form in text messages as well as in online forums. Example: Eh dun liddat lah, dun be angry wif me lah…. Why you so like that ah??

What is respect?

What is Respect? Definition for Kids What is Respect? Respect means you care enough to think about how you impact others. “What is respect” is a big concept to grasp. You might hear about having respect or showing respect. At the heart of respect is caring. In simple words, respect is caring how words and actions may impact others.

What does it mean to be respectful to others?

Being respectful means you act in a way that shows care for how your actions may impact others. We can show respect for people, places, and things. For example: You admire (respect) a historical figure who stood up for what she believed in, even when it was hard.

How do you know you care about (respect) someone?

You admire (respect) a historical figure who stood up for what she believed in, even when it was hard. You are quiet in a library to show that you care about (respect) others’ need to read without interruption. You follow your parents’ rules to show them you care (respect) how they feel about the situation.