What are daisy swaps?

What are daisy swaps?

SWAPS stands for “Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.” They are small tokens of friendship that Girl Scouts exchange with one another, and each SWAP uniquely reflects a fellow Girl Scout, their troop, or a memory of a special event.

How do you do a girl scout swap?

The girl scouts can carry their SWAPS in a plastic Ziplock bag with their name on it. Then they can put the ones they receive in that bag or a different bag. They can also pin their SWAPS on a hat or lanyard and just take them off to “swap” with a new one. SWAP (without the final “S”) means “Share With A Pal”.

Where do Girl Scout swaps go?

5,000 girls attended the Americana themed event. The swaps were intended to encourage a correspondence with someone from other state or country. Today swaps are exchanged at council, service unit or troop events, day camp, neighborhood events and national conventions.

What are the Girl Scout Daisy petals?

Each petal represents a line of the Girl Scout Law. Girls earn the petals by completing three fun activities, each found in the individual petal story book. Each individual petal book is approximately 12 pages.