What are coconut preserves?

What are coconut preserves?

Coconut Jam is a Filipino spread made of coconut cream and brown sugar. It’s thick, perfectly sweet with a rich coconut flavor that’s perfect with your favorite bread. Prep Time: 5 mins.

What does kaya go with?

Try adding or replacing condiments like blueberry jam on pancakes, and butter cream on crackers, with kaya for a new taste experience. If you’ve never tried it before, kaya goes really well with a lot of French pastries like croissants, eclairs and mille-feuille. Try it out as a spread or filling for these baked goods.

Is Yakun kaya toast healthy?

Is Kaya Toast a healthy option? Short answer: sort of. It is not the lightest in calories but contains a decent amount of protein – don’t skip the eggs, they are the most nutritious part! It is a hearty & somewhat balanced meal that should keep you full until lunch.

What bread does Yakun use?

I’ve always been a huge fan of such toasts since Kaya jam is probably the only kind of jam that I’ve ever liked. The “Ah Kun” style of Kaya Butter toasts is made up of 2 thinly sliced old school Hainanese loaf bread before sandwiching with cold butter and kaya jam.

How do you preserve Coco jam?

Do not refrigerate an opened jar of coconut jam or it will be difficult to spread. Just leave it at room temperature anf it should be fine for days or even a week or two.

How can I enjoy kaya?

The kaya jam should be spread on top of the cold butter. To enjoy the Hainanese breakfast as per tradition, the soft-cooked egg should be cracked in a bowl, adding soy sauce and white pepper to taste. Then the kaya toast should be generously dipped into it before being enjoyed.

What does kaya taste like?

The kaya came across as having more of a coconut than pandan flavour; some testers felt it wasn’t tasty enough. It could also be less sweet. Adam weighs in: “Smooth and easy to spread, it’s got a good consistency, and a sweet but not-too-heavy flavour.”

How many calories are in a kaya toast?

A typical kaya toast set at Ya Kun gives 448 calories.

What does kaya toast taste like?

Here, it’s a freshly toasted mini bread loaf. Kaya is a spread made from eggs, sugar, coconut milk and sometimes flavored with pandan. It’s sweet, but hideously good! As you can see mine came with an additional knob of butter sandwiched in the middle of the loaf.

How many Ya Kun are there in Singapore?

50 outlets
Today, Ya Kun has almost 50 outlets in Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, and is still expanding. Key to its success is its focus on serving Ya Kun’s traditional fare as well as its creative menu ideas to attract the young and trendy consumers.