What are 100 endangered species?

What are 100 endangered species?

Teetering on the edge: the world’s 100 most endangered species (photos)

Scientific Name Common Name Category
Dendrophylax fawcettii Cayman islands ghost orchid orchid
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis Sumatran rhino rhino
Diomedea amsterdamensis Amsterdam Island albatross bird
Diospyros katendei tree

What species are endangered due to invasive species?

the Yunnan lake newt, which went extinct in China in 1979 in part due to exotic fish and frogs in their habitats. the Hawaiian thrush, which went extinct by 1985 in part due to invasive predators. the Guam broadbill, a bird that went extinct when the brown tree snake was introduced to its habitat in 1983.

What is the world’s 100 most threatened species?

The World’s 100 most threatened species is a compilation of the most threatened animals, plants, and fungi in the world. It was the result of a collaboration between over 8,000 scientists from the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission (IUCN SSC), along with the Zoological Society of London.

Why are there no threatened species on the Endangered Species List?

While all the species on the list are threatened with extinction, the scientists who chose them had another criterion: all the species have no obvious benefit for humans and therefore humans have no vested interests trying to save them.

Which plants have fewer than 10 surviving species?

Elaeocarpus bojeri, a flowering plant found only on the island of Mauritius, has fewer than 10 surviving individuals, because of loss of habitat. The Baishan fir ( Abies beshanzuensis ), native to China, is down to five surviving mature individuals.

Are iconic and charismatic species worthless?

Iconic and charismatic species, such as tigers and pandas—along with economically important species—have many defenders, while these apparently “worthless” species had none. The title of the report, “Priceless or Worthless?”, is based on that shared quality of the species.