Was the M60 tank used in Desert Storm?

Was the M60 tank used in Desert Storm?

For the American armed forces, Desert Storm was the first—and last—hurrah for the M60 tanks in major combat roles. The Marine Corps upgraded the M60s to improve their accuracy and survivability and included passive night vision sights for the gunner and commander.

Were M60 tanks used in Iraq?

Though originally designed in the 1950s, the M60 was used in the Gulf War by the Marine Corps—and destroyed hundreds of Iraqi tanks. The M60 was intended to be the United States’ first Main Battle Tank, which could meet operational requirements at both the tactical and strategic level.

How far can a M60 tank shoot?

312 miles
The Continental AVDS-1790-2C 12 cylinder air-cooled diesel engine provides 750 bhp at a rotational speed of 2,400rpm. The M60A3 tank achieves a maximum cross-country speed of 10mph to 12mph and up to 30mph roadspeed. The cruise range is 312 miles.

Why did the m240 replaced the M60?

In the 1980s, the M60 was partially replaced by the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon within Army infantry squads. Their new doctrine with the weapon reduced the general-purpose machine gun role in favor of portability and a greater volume of fire.

How many M60 tanks were destroyed in Desert Storm?

During Desert Storm, U.S. Marine M60s fought against Soviet-built Iraqi tanks, destroying over 100 with the loss of only one M60. The M60 was retired by U.S. military forces by the mid-1990s. Foreign armies continue to use the tanks in frontline service.

What happened to the M60A1 tank?

The United States’ largest deployment of M60s was in the 1991 Gulf War, where the US Marines equipped with M60A1s effectively defeated Iraqi armored forces, including T-72 tanks. The United States retired the M60 from front-line combat after Operation Desert Storm, with the last tanks being retired from National Guard service in 1997.

How did the M60 compare to the Abrams in Desert Storm?

The M60s of Desert Storm featured explosive reactive armor, which exploded when shot to dissipate the destructiveness of an anti-tank round. The tank also only had a 105mm main gun compared to the Abrams’s 120mm main gun and the Abrams was faster, more survivable, presented a smaller silhouette, and was more reliable.

Why was the M60 Patton tank so important?

The M60 was the impetus for a new US approach to armored warfare that was seen in Operation Desert Storm. M60 Patton tank led to victory in the desert fighting of the Middle East: The legendary M60 Patton was the main battle tank of the US military during the 1960s and 1970s.