Was Going My Way based on a true story?

Was Going My Way based on a true story?

Written by Frank Butler and Frank Cavett based on a story by McCarey, the film is about a new young priest taking over a parish from an established old veteran….

Going My Way
Screenplay by Frank Butler Frank Cavett
Story by Leo McCarey
Produced by Leo McCarey
Starring Bing Crosby Barry Fitzgerald Risë Stevens

How long is Going My Way?

2h 6mGoing My Way / Running time

When was Going My Way released?

May 3, 1944 (USA)Going My Way / Release date

Where was Barry Fitzgerald buried?

Deansgrange Cemetery, Dublin, IrelandBarry Fitzgerald / Place of burial

Who wrote the song I did it my way?

Paul AnkaMy Way / Lyricist

Was Barry Fitzgerald Catholic?

It happens that Barry Fitzgerald is not a Catholic. His family were members of the Protestant faith and as a youth he attended a Protestant church in Dublin – and even sang in the choir.

Are Barry Fitzgerald and Arthur Shields related?

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., April 27 (AP)—Arthur Shields, the actor and younger brother of the late Barry Fitzgerald, died today of emphysema at his home. He was 74 years old.

Was Barry Fitzgerald’s brother in The Quiet Man?

Some of his memorable roles were in Ford films. Shields portrayed the Reverend Playfair in Ford’s The Quiet Man, opposite John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara and his brother, Barry Fitzgerald. He played Dr.

What was Barry Fitzgerald’s real name?

William Joseph Shields
Fitzgerald was born William Joseph Shields in 1888 in Portobello. His family were Church of Ireland, and his father Adolphus was a compositor, a trade union organiser, and was instrumental in setting up the first Fabian Society branch in Ireland.

Was Barry Fitzgerald married?

Fitzgerald never married. In Hollywood he shared an apartment with his stand in, Angus D. Taillon, who died in 1953.