Was FPSRussia murdered?

Was FPSRussia murdered?

Myers ceased producing new videos in 2016 following the unsolved death of one of his associates and an ATF felony charge….FPSRussia.

Kyle Myers
Genre Firearms/weaponry
Subscribers 6.96 million (November 2021)
Total views 951 million (November 2021)
Updated: November 27 2021

Why did FPSRussia stop?

In 2016, however, FPSRussia simply stopped producing new content on his YouTube channel. There was no rhyme or reason for his disappearance, but it was assumed he was laying low to avoid legal trouble. Unfortunately, the next year in August 2017, Myers was actually arrested following another ATF raid.

When did FPS Russia the game come out?

In March of 2013, in collaboration with game developer’s Zaah, FPS Russia The Game was released on both IOS and Android devices. The game has had more than 10,000 downloads on Google Play as of April 2014.

Who is FPSRussia?

Kyle Lamar Myers (born May 9, 1986) is an American podcaster and former YouTuber known under the stage name FPSRussia. His YouTube channel features Myers portraying the fictional role of Dimitri Potapoff, a heavily accented “professional Russian” from Moscow, Russia. His videos center around the usage of large amounts of firearms and explosives.

What happened to FPSRussia?

In 2013, Myers founded another gaming channel named “FPS” that has been inactive since 2014. In 2014, FPSRussia was listed on NewMediaRockstars Top 100 Channels, ranked at #78.

Why did ATF raid FPS Russia?

Following the death of Keith Ratliff, FPSRussia was raided by the ATF on March 29, 2013. Myer’s father’s farm was also raided, as it was a common filming location for Myer. An ATF spokesman Richard Coes said that the raids occurred due to his use of explosives on YouTube.