Should I get an avalanche beacon?

Should I get an avalanche beacon?

Avalanche transceivers are considered mandatory for all backcountry skiers (as well as knowledge of how to use them), while PLBs are less commonly found on backcountry skiers. That said, a PLB is still an essential piece of backcountry safety gear.

What is DSP sport?

Overview. The PIEPS DSP SPORT is a digital 3-antenna beacon with a wide range and ONE single button for ideal support in every situation.

What is the best beacon interval?

If neither of the above two points are applicable to your use case – then we highly recommend using an interval setting between 250 ms to 400 ms for the majority of deployments. Anything lower than this will quickly drain your battery, and anything higher may have performance issues due to signal instability.

What is a Pieps DSP?

Summary: The Pieps DSP (not to be confused with the DSP Tour, DSP Sport, or DSP Pro) is a small beacon, it has one of the longest ranges of the digitals, it allows you to lock-out a transceiver during a multiple burial, its third antenna is excellent at dealing with spikes during deeper burials, it handles frequency drift well, and it can be

Why is the Little Man icon blinking on my Pieps DSP?

The Pieps DSP is programmed to blink the little man icon ( ) at the bottom of the screen when it senses a continuous background signal (i.e., an older analog beacon). To test this, I searched for an Ortovox M1 which had a strong background signal.

What is the warranty on a Pieps DSP?

The Pieps warranty only covers the DSP for 2 years unless you register it within three months of the date of purchase, in which case the warranty is extended to 5 years. Remember that most warranties do not cover damage from battery leakage. Pros: Long reception range, marking.

What are the best beacons for spikes?

Spikes: The Pieps DSP was the first three-antenna beacon and set the standard for spike handling . Controls: The switch that changes between Off, Send, and Search is one of the most intuitive of the 40 beacons reviewed.