Is zero tolerance a good knife brand?

Is zero tolerance a good knife brand?

You really can’t go wrong with a Zero Tolerance knife. They are all super well built to high tolerances with top shelf materials. And if you are a fan of titanium frame lock flippers then you will have a hard time beating a ZT with a framelock flipper at this price point. They are always amazing flippers.

Which ZT knife is best?

ZT Emerson 0640 The Ernest Emerson designed ZT 0640 could quite possibly be one of the best looking knives for sale today. Its unique design features the right combination of sharp lines and premium materials. Green and black carbon fiber handle scales make this knife stand out in a sea of seemingly identical knives.

Will ZT sharpen my knife?

Will you sharpen my knife? Yes, we will happily sharpen any Zero Tolerance knife for you. We also sharpen every ZT knife sent in for warranty service as part of our normal procedure.

Is the zero tolerance 0300 a good knife?

When Zero Tolerance first came on the scene the 0300 is one of their knives that really caught my eye. The graceful curves reminded me of some deep sea mammal while the construction reminded me of a semi truck. So I wasn’t surprised to learn that the 0300 was a collaboration between Ken Onion and the Strider Knife Corporation.

What does “0300” mean on a zero tolerance line?

Before we go forward I need to say that “0300” is used to designate the coloration of the knife. All the knives in the 0300 Zero Tolerance line (which include the 0300, 0301 and 0302) are identical except for the color schemes.

How much does a Strider ZT 0300 cost?

The knife retails for around $230, which is actually an outstanding value when you consider that this knife is very similar in both design and build quality to several Strider knives selling for $400-$500. I don’t think you will be able to find another folding knife as well built and feature rich as the ZT 0300 in the $230 range.

How much does a 0300 knife weigh?

The 0300 has the profile of a bulldozer and it is incredibly stout. The total length is 9″, the blade is 3-3/4″ and the weight is a solid 8.6 ounces. This is a heavy knife and the weight may deter some people from wanting to carry it.