Is Wireless Advocates owned by Costco?

Is Wireless Advocates owned by Costco?

Costco has outsourced cell phone and wireless plan sales to Wireless Advocates, a company wholly owned by Car Toys. Wireless Advocates actually runs the kiosks that are located in the physical Costco locations.

Does Costco offer T-Mobile discounts?

If you’re a member of Costco, you can get a $300 Costco Shop Card via rebate when you either switch to or add a line to T-Mobile and bring your own device.

How do I call Costco wireless?

How do I contact Customer Service?

  1. To contact us by phone: 1 (888) 369-5931 (toll-free)
  2. To contact us by E-Mail: [email protected]

Who is Wireless Advocates?

Wireless Advocates is a leading provider of wireless products and services both online and in nearly 700 retail locations nationwide. Together with the top wireless carriers (Verizon, AT, T-Mobile) and manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, Google) – our knowledgeable team of wireless experts are here to help people connect.

Can I return a cell phone to Costco?

Can I return my cellular phone purchase? Yes, you can. The wireless phones kiosk in Costco offers a convenient way to refund or exchange your purchase. Simply visit the wireless phones kiosk at your local Costco warehouse and ask one of our wireless experts for assistance.

How do I return my Iphone to Costco?

The quickest way to return a phone (bought online or in-store) to Costco is to head over to your local warehouse location and initiate your return at the customer service desk or Wireless Advocate kiosk.

What phone is AT giving free?

Thankfully, AT is offering a free replacement phone (via Android Police) for those who want it. That’s an AT RADIANT Core, a budget phone from 2019 that was first introduced as a reasonable option for AT’s prepaid customers.

Who is the president of wireless advocates?

Jim Pearse –
Jim Pearse – President / Chief Merchandising Officer / Executive Advisor – Wireless Advocates | LinkedIn.

What is an unlocked phone vs a locked phone?

The difference is that a locked phone has a software code on it that prevents you from using it on another network. An unlocked phone either doesn’t have the software lock on it or someone was able to get a code that unlocks the software.