Is Webex and GoToWebinar the same?

Is Webex and GoToWebinar the same?

Webex brings together Calling, Meeting and Messaging modes of collaboration into a seamless, engaging, inclusive and intelligent experience. GoToWebinar enables webinar hosting for up to 3,000 people for events such as marketing, training, and corporate communications….

What is the difference between a Webex and webinar?

The difference between webinar and WebEx is that a webinar is a virtual form of a seminar that can be hosted using multiple software and applications while WebEx itself is an application that provides the virtual meeting for various people.

What is the difference between GoToMeeting and webinar?

GoToMeeting supports an instant meeting (Meet Now). Even if you schedule a meeting for later, you only need to enter in the date and time and it’s done. GoToWebinar requires pre-planning and scheduling takes about 3 minutes online. In GoToMeeting, they just click on a link or enter a meeting number to attend.

What is the difference between Webex training center and meeting center?

The main Difference between Webex Meeting and Webex Training comes down to what the integration can do. Although both of the integrations are for Conferencing that can be accessed via your LMS – One offers a more Collaborative feel that keeps you Attendees/Learners engaged (Webex Training Center).

Can you use Webex for webinars?

As a host, you can schedule webinars. Webinars are interactive and highly engaging; if your event calls for a simpler attendee experience, webinars in webcast view are the way to go. Sign in to your Webex site, then select Schedule a webinar.

Does Webex have a webinar feature?

Webex Webinars. Use Webex Webinars (formerly Webex Events (new)) to engage your audience through powerful, interactive online webinars.

What is the difference between event and meeting in Webex?

For example in a regular Webex Meeting an attendee can speak, share their camera, and become a presenter. However, in a Webex Event they can only watch the event, use the chat feature, and present questions to the host and panelists.

What is the difference between a Webex meeting and Webex event?

Webex Events Conference Type Interact with participants using features such as web-polling, Q&A, and chat. Note: If you wish to see video from your attendees’ webcams, you should use Webex Meetings. If you wish to host a session on an iPad, you must use Webex Meetings.

Can I use GoToMeeting for webinars?

To pre-record a webinar with GoTo Webinar, you can use Recorded (formerly called “Simulated Live”) webinars. First, host a Classic or Webcast webinar and record like you were presenting live (you don’t need to have anyone in attendance). Then schedule a new webinar and select Recorded as the webinar type.

Is there a time limit on GoToMeeting?

As long as you have one attendee in your meeting, you can run the session indefinitely. However, if the meeting is being recorded, the recording will stop after 24 hours. If there are no attendees, the meeting will end after 2 hours. If you’re on a GoToMeeting Free account, your meeting is limited to 40 minutes.

Is Webex training center going away?

Cisco is decommissioning Webex Training Center, and it will no longer be an option for ECU users after December 31, 2021. Feature and other updates, except for security patches, have already been discontinued by Cisco.

What is the difference between a meeting and an event in Webex?

Should you choose GoToWebinar or Cisco WebEx?

If you need a platform that prioritizes providing you and your team with a video communications platforms, then Cisco WebEx is the better option. On the other hand, if you need a video communications platform primarily to host webinars, online events, and conferences, then GoToWebinar may be the best choice for you and your team.

What features should you look for when choosing a Webex platform?

The final category of features that you should look for is the security measures implemented by your chosen platform. Cisco WebEx ensures you and your team’s privacy and protection by implementing privacy and security standards. For instance, your meeting transcripts are not sent to outside vendors as it is recorded and transcribed within Cisco.

How much does Cisco WebEx cost per month?

Cisco Webex Premium 100 – $69/user per month or $49/per user per month (for annual subscription) Cisco Webex is a web conferencing software that aids users to hold online events and meetings, and serves as a team workspace as well.

What is a web conferencing platform?

This web conferencing platform has a wide array of applications all geared towards the planning, managing, promoting, and analyzing of effective web events. When you test different Communications Software solutions you shouldn’t just study their list of features and offered pricing packages.