Is Tripp Lite a surge protector?

Is Tripp Lite a surge protector?

Tripp Lite’s Isobar® line is the gold standard in surge protection with over 20 million units sold worldwide. It keeps essential IT-grade equipment protected with up to 5100 joules and offers robust EMI/RFI protection.

What is Tripp Lite Isobar?

The box it comes in calls it a “Premium Surge Suppressor”. Tripp Lite says the “ISOBAR is the world’s number one selling premium suppressor series with more than 18 million satisfied customers and a safety-tested history of 20+ years”. I didn’t expect much, after all, what’s there to know about using a surge protector?

How do you use a Tripp Lite surge protector?

Mount the surge protector over the screw heads and slide into place. Connect Your Surge Protector to the AC Power Line: Plug the surge protector’s power cord into a standard 3-wire grounded 120V AC outlet. Turn Your Surge Protector ON: Press the surge protector’s power switch to “ON” or “RESET” (depending on model).

Where is Tripp Lite manufactured?

Tripp Lite products made in China.

Are Tripp Lite products made in USA?

In a few cases we reluctantly sell products made in countries that do not fit the above description….

Brand Owner/Manufacturer Country of Origin see table footnote**
Tripp Lite Tripp Lite USA, Mexico, China
VoltMaster S.M.L. Industries USA & Italy

Is an Isobar surge protector worth it?

For typical technology users, an isobar surge protector provides a necessary function not only in its protective value but also by enhancing the high performance of electronic equipment. The isolated filter banks on some devices can eliminate extraneous line noise and interference.

Is Tripp Lite Isobar good?

Tripp Lite has scored a big win with this one. The ISOBAR is very sturdy and durable. It is by far the best surge protector that I have ever owned. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this to any and everyone who needs to provide surge suppression for large electronics.