Is there evidence and proof that Bigfoot is real?

Is there evidence and proof that Bigfoot is real?

The closest and most compelling evidence of Bigfoot was captured in 1967, when Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson shot footage of a furry figure walking through Bluff Creek in Northern California.

Do You Believe Bigfoot is real?

“In regards to historical evidence, numerous Native American tribes throughout North America recognize Sasquatch as a real being. And it is not just here—it’s an international phenomenon. Tribes across the US have descriptions and names for these Bigfoot creatures.

Is Bigfoot real or just a ‘hoax’?

Widely considered a hoax, it remains to this day the best evidence for the existence of Bigfoot. With the rise of high-quality cameras in smartphones, photographs of people, cars, mountains, flowers, sunsets, deer and more have gotten sharper and clearer over the years; Bigfoot is a notable exception.

Is Bigfoot true or false?

This is Bigfoot debunked. The most common theory about Bigfoot is that he is some kind of undiscovered species of primate, ape-like but more intelligent and more evolved than any we currently know of. Some researchers refer to it as the North American Great Ape, though the species is, of course, theoretical.

What is the best documentary about Bigfoot?

‘Discovering Bigfoot’ Is The Best Documentary On Netflix ‘Discovering Bigfoot’ Is The Best Documentary On Netflix It’s absolutely imperative that you all start your 2018 off right. And the way to…

Can the existence of Bigfoot ever be proven?

YES, Bigfoot existence can be proven. With improvement in technology, which can scan deep through jungles which are dark. But still with help of 1000+ well armed researchers, if they enter a particular zone of bigfoot and surround it from all sides there is no probability it can escape.

Is the government hiding evidence of Bigfoot?

“The Government is Hiding Dead Bigfoot Bodies!!” By oregonhistorian · On October 21, 2016 If you came down to the Jack London Bar one cold January night in 2014, you might have seen a live show I performed where I talked about “Disastrous Oregon!”