Is there another Friday the 13th movie coming out?

Is there another Friday the 13th movie coming out?

An all new Friday The 13th (2023), a reboot, if you will, delivers legendary mass murderer Jason Voorhees to the big screen. Kevin Bacon had a bit part in that film, his second movie. This remake has been in the works for over a decade.

Is there a new Jason movie coming out in 2021?

Take a ride down memory lane with everyone’s favorite psychotic killer Jason Voorhees in the new FRIDAY THE 13th 8-MOVIE COLLECTION on Blu-ray, arriving August 10, 2021 from Paramount Home Entertainment.

Why did they stop making Friday the 13th movies?

‘Friday the 13th’ might be creatively exhausted Any subject of 12 movies of material would be at risk of overexposure, and it’s fair to argue that’s what happened with the Friday the 13th plotline. This franchise became a victim of excess. During the ’80s, a new Friday the 13th film practically came out every year.

Is there a Friday the 13th movie in 2021?

Adrienne King, star of the original “FRIDAY THE 13TH” passed on appearing in “13 FANBOY,” stating that the film was “too real, too scary.” “13 FANBOY” is distributed by Deskpop Entertainment, it will play in limited theaters in NORTH AMERICA and London, opening on October 22, 2021.

What movie comes out on Friday the 13th 2021?

An escaped fugitive is on the run hunted by an elite group of trackers and bounty hunters but little do they know they are the hunted when they enter the hallowed grounds of Jason Voorhees.

Will there be a new Friday the 13th movie in 2021?

Jason Rising: A Friday the 13th Fan Film (2021) – IMDb.

Was Friday the 13th based on a true story?

According to its creators, the original Friday the 13th wasn’t actually based on actual events, though the similarities to a true horror story from two decades prior are quite chilling… On Sunday, June 5th of 1960, four young teenagers (below) were camping out on Finland’s Lake Bodom, a picturesque locale that bears a striking resemblance to the faux Crystal Lake.

Will there be a sequel to Friday the 13th?

Gun Interactive, the folks who made Friday The 13th and Layers Of Fear 2, are making a new multiplayer horror game Gun Interactive are working on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with Sumo Digital. There isn’t a release window just yet, but do check

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    Spoilers now! Entertainment lawyer (and former Friday the 13th Part III cast member) Larry Zerner confirmed on Twitter today that Victor Miller has regained the U.S. rights to his 1980 screenplay, Friday the 13th.