Is there an emulator for the HP 50g?

Is there an emulator for the HP 50g?

Prepackaged emulator of the HP 50g, including Emu48+ 1.48 and everything you need to emulate the 50g, along with two emulator skins, one that looks like the 50g, and one that is a hypothetical “50gs”. I have been using the 50GS version since 2013, a very nice and clean looking skin.

What is EMU48 for Mac OS?

Emu48 for Mac OS X is an emulator for HP calculators. It is a port of Emu48 for Windows and uses the same ROM images and interface skins. Currently it can emulate the HP49/48/40/39/38 series calculators.

How do I program the hp50g?

Like the HP49G+, the HP50g is based on an ARM processor running a SATURN CPU emulator and like its predecessor it can be programmed in a number of ways: RPL; SystemRPL (using the built-in MASD tool); SATURN assembly language; ARMv4T assembly language.

When did the hp50g come out?

The HP50g was introduced in September 2006 and withdrawn in 2015. It was the final calculator of the HP48 and HP49 series.

What is the hp48 emulator?

The HP48 Emulator Emu48 was originally created by S├ębastien Carlier and is published under the GPL. The latest version of Emu48 can emulate a HP38G, HP39G, HP40G, HP48SX, HP48GX and a HP49G.

Is there an EMU48 emulator for Android?

Emulator of the HP 48SX and HP 48GX for Android mobile devices. By Arnaud Brochard and others. Droid48 Reader is an Android app used to read HP 48-series calculator files, read data from Droid48 or Emu48 for Android, separate HP 48 calculator emulators, easily navigate through the data, or save or share portions as files.

Is there an EMU48 skin for the 50g?

An Emu48 skin (KML and bitmap) for the 50g, designed to run on small portable computers with a 480-line screen. While it is intended for use with Emu48 on a computer like the small Asus Eee PC with an 800×480 display, it could also be used on advanced mobile phones with 320×480 displays if a 50g emulator were written for them.