Is there a game where you play as the villain?

Is there a game where you play as the villain?

Destroy All Humans is a classic example of a video game that lets players control the bad guy. The game takes place in 1959, as players get to take control of the alien Cryptosporidium (Crypto, for short) and unleash carnage with an arsenal of powerful and hi-tech weaponry.

What games can you be evil?

12 Best RPGs Where You Can Be Evil

  • 5 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • 6 Skyrim.
  • 7 The Outer Worlds.
  • 8 Mass Effect Trilogy.
  • 9 Planescape Torment.
  • 10 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.
  • 11 Fable.
  • 12 Fallout 3.

How do I research Evil Genius?

To carry out research, simply select an ingredient, and one or more pieces of lab apparatus from the screen, then hit the go button. You can use the cash incentive button to remove apparatus that will not result in success, but you do this at the expense of a cash penalty.

Does Evil Genius 2 have a campaign?

Dive into the Chilling New Oceans Campaign Pack for Evil Genius 2: World Domination. The new Oceans Campaign Pack, available now on the Xbox Store, brings the big freeze to Evil Genius 2 and the new tricks, tools and talents at your disposal will help you give those pesky Forces of Justice the cold shoulder.

How can I be a good villain?

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Villain?

  1. Strong connection to the hero. The best villains are inextricably connected to the hero, and aid in the hero’s character development through their inherent opposition to them.
  2. Clear morality.
  3. A worthy opponent.
  4. Compelling backstory.
  5. Villains should be fun.

How can I be a Good villain?

How do you get the centrifuge in evil genius?

Interrogate the Biologist at an Interrogation Chair, build a Biologist Trainer in the Training Room, and recruit one to complete the quest. Immediately after, you’ll have access to the Organic Samples and Centrifuge items for your Laboratory and, more importantly, Evil Genius 2’s Tier 3 Research options.

How do you increase research speed evil genius?

To put it simply: you get a research multiplier for each associated device and Scientist working it. So, for example, if you are researching “Larger Storage Bays” and have two manned Whiteboards you’ll get a 2x multiplier to your research speed.