Is there a cheat to kill your own Digimon?

Is there a cheat to kill your own Digimon?

I have found this on GAME FAQ’s, CW Cheats for Digimon World RE: Digitize. “NPJH-50588” Very Long CODE! – Updated: _C0 Digimon Instant Death – Kill you’re own Digimon. _C0 Always Hungry, IF FED (Increase Weight) – Doesn’t Strave/Poop/Can’t die of hunger.

Should I stand behind my Digimon when they die?

In a way, you save preserve your Digimon longer with the time going slower or move faster to have them pass away as quickly as possible. More to come later hopefully. Do not stand behind him if you value your life! 05-25-2017, 06:11 PM (This post was last modified: 06-02-2017 10:40 AM by antartika .)

What programs make Digimon digivolve?

0097 X Program (This program makes Digimon digivolve, but Digimon who don’t possess the X-Antibody will vanish. A horrible program) 0098 Perfected Holy Spear (A holy spear containing the power of a certain knight Digimon.

What do the different fruits do in the Digimon game?

Increases your Digimon’s Offence slightly) 003A Tough Fruit (This fruit is said to make your body strong when eaten. Increases your Digimon’s Defense slightly) 003B ​​Quick Fruit (This fruit is said to grant you fast feet when eaten. Increases your Digimon’s Speed slightly)

What are some of the best Digimon to get?

005A Giant Crystal (Probably cut from a harm. A giant crystal.) 005C Green Digimushroom (A green Digimushroom. It is said to be more delicious than the Digimushroom, but many Digimon don’t care for it) 007E Black & White Wings (This wings belong neither to an angel nor a devil.

Do Digimon die when they get old?

So digimon wont die when they get old EDIT:These also work no converting needed! Do these work with CWCheat? trying to get them to work on ppsspp and the only effect i can see from the training boost codes is that some polygons on the player model and partner digimon start glitching out?