Is the University of London external degree respected?

Is the University of London external degree respected?

All in all, it’s a good choice of degree if you are really interested in looking for international educational curriculum at home at a fraction of a cost. And university of London international programs is a degree from a reputed and recognised institution too.

Is University of London distance learning Recognised?

Is distance learning recognised? Our prestigious qualifications are internationally recognised, combining the flexibility of online learning with the academic rigour and structure of an on-campus programme.

Is the University of London the same as University College London?

The University of London is the degree awarding and administrative body for the member colleges comprising the university. University College London is one of those member colleges along with 40 other colleges.

Is LSE distance learning good?

It has been a great experience for me. Overall I can say that the certificate courses meet the high LSE standards and I was not disappointed. However, whether they are worth it depends on your current career level, your expectations and whether the price of the course represents much or little money for you.

Is distance education degree valid in Canada?

Yes, distant education degrees are valid to get a Canadian Study Visa. So, if you are an aspiring candidate who wishes to move to Canada for higher studies, you can apply for Canadian Study Visa, even if you have a distant education degree.

Does MNC accept distance education?

Yes, the degrees earned through distance education are valid for jobs in MNCs.

How many students study at the University of London External System?

Currently the University of London External System continues to innovate offering over 100 qualifications many taught using the latest technologies. Approximately 41,000 students from 180 nations pursing external degrees based on 2008 figures.

How do I access the University of London student portal?

When you register, we will give you access to the Student Portal. You can then access your University of London email account and other key resources including: the Virtual Learning Environment, the Student Guide and the Online Library. We also offer our students a wealth of careers resources and guidance.

What is an external degree?

The external degree is offered alongside the traditional internal degree programmes for those students who can attend the University full time). External degrees were established by University of London in 1858 and were offered to people who were not able to attend the institutions in London.

How can I study at the University of London?

Flexible: You can study by distance, online and flexible learning, which allows you to combine your studies with work or other commitments. Online: In addition to our programmes the University of London offers a range of free online taster courses and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).