Is the TS100 worth it?

Is the TS100 worth it?

In summary, I’m very surprised with the TS100 soldering iron and in my opinion it’s really worth the money. It is lightweight, heats up really fast, and performs really well. Additionally it is very small, so it will not occupy much space on your workbench.

Who makes the TS100 soldering iron?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎UY CHAN
Style ‎B2 Kit
Material ‎Stainless Steel
Power Source ‎Dc
Wattage ‎65 watts

Which is better TS80 or TS100?

The TS-80 shell is made of anodized aluminium and feels to have better build quality over the TS100, which is just plastic. For this reason, the TS80 is actually heavier, at 35g, while the TS100 weighs only 31g, despite being bigger. The TS80 is easier to hold than the TS100 thanks to more ergonomic grip.

Is TS100 open source?

It’s worth pointing out here that the TS100 firmware is billed as open-source, and that the code and schematics are available from the link above.

Where are Antex soldering irons made?

the UK
The Antex Precision range has been continually developed over 70 years by Antex in the UK. The soldering irons are signified by the traditional Antex yellow and black colours and manufactured to the highest standards in our factories both in the UK and overseas.

What power supply do I need for TS100?

You should definitely power the TS100 soldering iron with a 24V power supply if you want to get the most performance out of it. The power you are getting from the TS100 is directly proportional to the voltage you feed it.

Is the miniware TS100 a good soldering iron?

The Miniware TS100 is a relatively inexpensive temperature-controlled soldering iron from China that has made a stealthy entry to the market, and which some online commentators claim to be the equal of far more expensive professional-grade irons.

Which soldering iron is best for everyday use?

The Antex is a good iron for everyday soldering, it is the same weight as the TS100 and has the same reach. It’s mains-powered and comes with an extra-flexible silicone cable, but when you compare the irons side-by-side it becomes obvious that the Antex is being left behind.

Can I upgrade the firmware of the TS100 via USB?

One of the features of the TS100 is that its firmware can be easily upgraded over USB, and to that end it is easy to download the latest version and install it.