Is the Jaguar XJ-S reliable?

Is the Jaguar XJ-S reliable?

Though many buyers might baulk at the thought of running (and maintaining) a V12, Jaguar’s classic powerplant is an inherently reliable unit – as long as its owner is fastidious when it comes to maintenance.

Is Jaguar XJ-S a classic?

The Jaguar XJ-S (later renamed XJS) is a car you either love or hate. At the time of its introduction in 1975, its styling was considered too forward-looking, while at the end of its lifecycle in 1996 it was already considered a classic.

What is a 1988 Jaguar XJ-S worth?

You could expect to pay $15,800 – 22,000 based on third party pricing data.

What is a 1989 Jaguar XJ-S worth?

1989 Jaguar XJS Pricing and Specs. The Jaguar XJS 1989 prices range from $15,500 for the basic trim level Coupe XJS V12 to $24,200 for the top of the range Convertible XJS V12.

How much is a 1990 XJS worth?

1990 Jaguar XJ-Series trade-in prices range from $570 – $8,248. Get a more accurate value for your car with the Edmunds appraisal tool.

How long is a 1988 Jaguar XJS?

Jaguar XJS Convertible V12 Size, Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight
Wheelbase : 259 cm or 101.97 inches
Length : 476 cm or 187.4 inches
Width : 179 cm or 70.47 inches
Height : 126 cm or 49.61 inches

Why is the Jaguar XJ-S not a sports car?

So Jaguar used a shortened version of the then new XJ6 chassis to create its new sports car. Of course, the XJ-S isn’t a sports car at all, but it’s job was to continue in the spirit of the E-type Series 3. And while the XJ-S might not have been a nimble road racer, it was a brilliant grand tourer.

Is the Jaguar XJ-S becoming a forgotten classic?

Always a troubled car, the xj-s is in deep danger of being overshadowed by the xk8 and becoming a forgotten classic. yet it’s a fine gt and offers superb value Questionable styling and image, build quality, rust woes, being overlooked by better and better value XK8?

Is the Jaguar XJ-S the longest running model?

Happily, and with the help of Jaguar Owners’ clubs, the XJ-S was reinvented to become the company’s longest running model as well as one of its best sellers – so the XJ-S can’t be all bad, can it? While it is certainly no glamour puss, the XJ-S is looking better by the day.

When did the covers come off the Jaguar XJ-S?

It must have been a tense moment when the covers came off the Jaguar XJ-S in 1975. After all, this was the car that was supposed to replace the iconic E-type. It was no surprise, then, that buyers were left scratching their heads.