Is the film A Town Like Alice Based on a true story?

Is the film A Town Like Alice Based on a true story?

The fictional “Willstown” is reportedly based on Burketown and Normanton in Queensland, which Shute visited in 1948. (Burke and Wills were well-known explorers of Australia.)

Where was the movie A Town Like Alice filmed?

Much of the Australian content, and all of the story involving Jean’s entrepreneurial activities as she endeavours to turn Willstown into a ‘town like Alice’, was left out of the film. While some location shooting was undertaken in Malaya and Australia, most of the film was shot at Pinewood Studios in the UK.

Where can I watch A Town Like Alice mini series?

Watch A Town Like Alice | Prime Video.

How long is the film A Town Like Alice?

1h 57mA Town Like Alice / Running time

When was the film A Town Like Alice made?

September 21, 1958 (USA)A Town Like Alice / Release date

Is A Town Like Alice on TV?

A Town Like Alice is a five-hour 1981 Australian television adaptation of Nevil Shute’s novel of the same name….A Town Like Alice (miniseries)

A Town Like Alice
Based on novel by Nevil Shute
Written by Tom Hegarty Rosemary Anne Sisson
Directed by David Stevens
Starring Helen Morse Bryan Brown Gordon Jackson

How does a town like Alice end?

In Malaya, she learns that Joe did not die, and she sets out to Australia to find him. Coincidentally, Joe has left for London to trace her. The two are finally reunited in an emotional embrace when Jean greets him on his return to Alice Springs.

Is Alice Springs a city or town?

Alice Springs, town, Northern Territory, Australia. It is the main focus of the Centre, a name given to approximately 100,000 square miles (260,000 square km) of central Australia that includes large areas of desert and rocky ridges. Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Who directed A Town Like Alice?

Jack LeeA Town Like Alice / Director

WHEN WAS A Town Like Alice filmed?

The film does not follow the whole novel, concluding at the end of part two and truncating or omitting much detail. It was partially filmed in Malaya and Australia….A Town Like Alice (film)

A Town Like Alice
Release date 1 March 1956
Running time 117 min
Countries United Kingdom Australia
Language English