Is Taiwan cold in winter?

Is Taiwan cold in winter?

Weather: Winter is from December to February. Winters mild and often foggy due to the northeasterly winds from Siberia. Around Taipei, low temperatures can approach 8 °C (46 °F) at night, but there may be warm spells also.

What is Kenting known for?

Kenting is known for its tropical climate with warm to hot weather year-round. Along with the rest of Pingtung, the climate is geographically classified as a tropical monsoon climate.

Does Taiwan snow in December?

Yes, it does snow in Taiwan! But almost exclusively on the tops of high mountains deep in the island’s Central Mountain Range.

Where is it coldest in Taiwan?

According to CWB data, the lowest temperature on Taiwan proper early Sunday was recorded at 7.5 degrees in Dajia District, Taichung. (Correction: An original version of this article showed the lowest temperature on Taiwan proper early Sunday was 6.2 degrees in Ruifang District, New Taipei.

How do you get around in Kenting?

But the best way to get around Kenting is by scooter. There are many scooter rentals in Hengchun Old Town and on the main street in Kenting. However, you will have to provide a proper motorcycle license to rent one. Otherwise, the alternative is to rent an electric scooter.

How do I get from Taipei to Kenting?

How to Travel from Taipei to Kenting

  1. Start your strip at Taipei Main Station 台北車站.
  2. Take the HSR high-speed train all the way to Zuoying Station 左營站 in Kaohsiung.
  3. From Zuoying HSR station, take the express shuttle bus to Kenting 墾丁.
  4. Note: the HSR (high-speed rail) does NOT go all the way to the southern tip of Taiwan.

Is it very cold in Taiwan in December?

Weather In Taiwan In December Taiwan is mostly warm all around the year with mild winters. December is the best month with a relatively dry, mild and foggy climate. December is cooler in Taiwan but much drier and ideal for many outdoor activities.

Is there a backpacking guide for Kenting Taiwan?

And there you have it, a complete backpacking guide on things to do in Kenting. If you are planning to visit Kenting in Taiwan and have some questions regarding this itinerary, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

How to get from Taipei to Kenting?

The good news is that long-distance buses from Taipei, Taichung and other big cities around Taiwan like Tainan, and Taoyuan are cheap, comfortable, and they even travel at night. Another option is to take the train to Kaohsiung, and then take a local bus to Kenting.

What is the weather like in Kenting?

If the weather is your main concern, do not worry –  Kenting can have good weather year-round.  Still, keep in mind that typhoons are frequent during the summermonths and most beaches are closed on those occasions. Beware that summer is brutal here at times –   real heat, real humidity! Walking around the southern tip of Taiwan in February 2019.

What is the name of Kenting?

Kenting (墾丁) is the area that includes Kenting National Park (墾丁國家公園) and all the small townships including Hengchun (恆春) in Southern Taiwan. It is one of the most visited areas in Taiwan.