Is T3 Live legit?

Is T3 Live legit?

T3 Trading is a registered broker/dealer that offers educational services along with a chat room that they call their virtual trading floor under T3 Live. T3 Live is comprised on three main executives with Scott Redler, Marc Sperling and Sean Hendelman.

Who is Sami Abusaad?

Sami Abusaad is a professional trader and T3 Live’s Director of Education. Today, Sami remains a successful professional day and swing trader, specializing in gap, climactic, and reversal strategies. He also created the groundbreaking ‘Earnings Play,’ a unique strategy for predicting post-earnings moves in stocks.

How do you exit options trading?

There are three traditional ways of exiting an options position. Exercise the position, allow the position to expire worthless, or offset it. Most traders choose the later and reverse the order to close, just like they traditionally do with stocks. But you don’t always have to go that route.

What is trade value area?

The Value Area is a range of prices where the majority of trading volume took place on the prior trading day. In specific, this area is the range where 70% of the prior day’s volume happened. The value area is approximately one standard deviation above and below the average highest volume price.

Who is Mark Melnick?

Melnick, age 41, is a resident of Marlboro, New Jersey. Since at least 2015, Melnick has worked for T3 Live, LLC (“T3 Live”), an affiliate of registered broker-dealer T3 Trading Group, LLC (“T3 Trading Group”), as host of a daily subscription based real-time trading broadcast.

Is SMB capital legit?

SMB sells courses, they are not legitimate. They have good marketing that they use to lure people in. It’s not a legitimate company.

When should I sell my option contract?

The buyer can also sell the options contract to another option buyer at any time before the expiration date, at the prevailing market price of the contract. If the price of the underlying security remains relatively unchanged or declines, then the value of the option will decline as it nears its expiration date.

When should I sell my call option?

Wait until the long call expires – in which case the price of the stock at the close on expiration dictates how much profit/loss occurs on the trade. Sell a call before expiration – in which case the price of the option at the time of sale dictates how much profit/loss occurs on the trade.

What broker does SMB Capital use?

T3 Trading Group, LLC
The SMB Training website reveals that “SMB is a division of T3 Trading Group, LLC, a CBSX broker dealer.” I will use T3 Trading Group’s financial statements to reveal how T3 Trading really works. The T3 Trading Group Annual Report (Form X-17A-5) can be downloaded from Edgar on the SEC website.