Is T28 Prot good?

Is T28 Prot good?

The T28 Prototype has a decent gun, good penetration and a useable ROF. Like the T28, the Proto is very very slow, if caught in the open there is no chance to survive and reversing will do no good.

Is the T28 prototype real?

The T28 Prototype is a tank called a complete fake by many but it does have some basis in the real world. The T28 Prototype was in reality a conceptual drawing for the T28 project in 1943. No real plans were ever made of this Concept T28 as far as I know.

Is the T28 good wot?

The T28 is a stout brawler equipped with an excellent gun. It has good camouflage, but due to its poor mobility the driver needs to stay active with positioning so as not to fall behind the pace of the battle. Don’t be too campy in the T28!

How do you penetrate a T95?

The T95 most likely will not be able to shoot you since the gun cannot move left/right much but it’s armor will be quite strong. Aim at the least angled bits of the top hatches or the side armor if the T95 is angled heavily. Other areas are generally immune to most shells and these are your best options.

Where do you shoot a T95?

The main weak spots frontally come on the top of the T95. Both hatches can be penetrated in area #8 which will be your primary place to shoot a T95 in most cases.