Is STS a keratin treatment?

Is STS a keratin treatment?

Design Essentials STS (Keratin) Treatment provides a long-lasting amino-acid infused smoothing and thermal therapy system that tempo-rarily straightens and smooths frizzy, naturally curly, multi-textured, transitioning, and chemically treated hair—providing up to 12 weeks of intense smooth-ness, incredible shine, and …

What is STS smoothing System?

The STS Express Smoothing System is a thermal therapy smoothing system that uses heat-activated amino acids to temporarily stretch the disulfide bonds inside of the hair shaft. Clients who receive the treatment have increased smoothness, shine, and manageability.

Is a Brazilian blowout a keratin treatment?

A Brazilian Blowout is a hair smoothing treatment that eliminates frizz and flyaways while protecting against humidity damage. Keratin treatment is a cosmetic and hair care treatment that helps to improve strength, flexibility, and shininess. It lasts for a shorter period. It lasts for a longer period.

How long does an STS treatment take?

Simply SHAMPOO, TREAT, SEAL and STYLE for up to 12 weeks of visibly smoother, shiny more manageable hair in as little as 90 minutes. KEY BENEFITS: Long lasting smooth.

What is Avlon texture release?

Avlon Texture Release is heat activated with amino acids and conditioning agents which go deep into the hair fibers to enable styling versatility. This allows you to have optional textural change with increased combing manageability.

Does keratin have formaldehyde?

Many (but not all) keratin treatments contain formaldehyde, which can be dangerous if inhaled. Formaldehyde is what actually makes the hair look straighter. According to an Environmental Working Group investigation, some companies will actually try to hide the fact that their keratin product contains the chemical.

Does Brazilian Blowout contain formaldehyde?

A comparison study found that Brazilian Blowout brand solution contains 11.5 percent formaldehyde. This is almost three times higher than three other brands of keratin hair treatments. However, formaldehyde was known to be a dangerous chemical since 1980.

What is the difference between relaxer and texturizer?

Unlike a relaxer, which straightens your hair, a texturizer is a chemical process that smooths and de-frizzes your hair while maintaining some of your natural curls.

Does texture release have chemicals?

Whilst relaxers use chemicals to artificially straighten your hair, Texture release uses heat-activated amino acids. This essentially means you add products to your hair, then your straighten it. No chemicals, just heat.