Is Skar audio reliable?

Is Skar audio reliable?

I’m really impressed with Skar audio. The sound is good, quality is good and the price, well is great for what you get. I would suggest these speakers, you’ll be happy you did.

Who Makes Massive?

MASSIVE was designed and developed entirely by Native Instruments GmbH.

Which subwoofer company is the best?

Top 11 Best Subwoofer Brands (Car, PA, Home & Studio)

  • Pioneer.
  • QSC.
  • Alto Professional.
  • Electro-Voice.
  • JBL.
  • Polk Audio.
  • Klipsch.
  • Yamaha.

How much over RMS can you go?

When you look for an amp for your subs, you will need about 15-20% of headroom. Headroom is extra power above the combined RMS. If your subs are 300 watts RMS combined, then you need 345-360 Watts RMS to have safe headroom. If you go above that, then you will overpower your subs, and damage them.

What size sub sounds the best?

The safest bet is a large sub with a lot of power. You’re much better off running a big sub at “4” than a small sub at “10.” If you want the best sound, multiple subs, in different locations in a room (or even just in the corners), almost always sound better and more realistic than a single sub.

What is the most powerful subwoofer on the market?

Danley Sound Labs’ Matterhorn Subwoofer may be the world’s biggest–at least I hope it is. The mother of all subs has 40,000 watts of power, and the whole thing is built into a 20x8x8 foot shipping container.

Where is massive audio from?

Massive Audio, of SoCal USA, a leader in the 12 Volt Audio industry for 20 years, is proud to announce over 25 NEW products for Q1 2020!

Is Skar audio junk?

1.0 out of 5 starsThis amp is junk. Don’t waste your money! I finally bought an amp from another company to get my system sounding where I wanted it.

Do Skar speakers need to break in?

We find that it is usually about a week of regular music listening in a daily driven vehicle. After those initial 24 to 36 hours; you can re-tune your system back up to the original setting. Your subwoofer(s) is now broken in and ready.