Is ScholarShare 529 good?

Is ScholarShare 529 good?

ScholarShare 529 beats all others because of its low cost and low fees. Most plans out there (e.g. Rowe Price College Savings, New York’s Direct Plan Account, and so on) eat away at your hard-earned savings through pesky fees. But ScholarShare 529 plan is a much more affordable option.

Does wealthfront offer 529 plans?

Wealthfront’s 529, sponsored by the State of Nevada, has a generous contribution limit available – up to $500,000 per child. If there are funds leftover, you can even change the beneficiary to another family member. Our 529 is available to everyone, irrespective of what state you live in.

How much should I put in a 529 plan per month?

What does this mean for you? Choosing a 529 plan could mean a much lower monthly contribution since the money grows over time. With a 529 plan, a solid monthly contribution amount for a child born in 2017 would be about $165 for a public in-state school, $260 for public out-of-state, or $325 for a private university.

What is the average return on a 529 plan?

You can earn anywhere from 1% to 25% back at different retailers. Upromise says that some members are earning at least $1,000 per year – that’s almost everything you need to fully fund a 529 plan. Plus, right now you can get a $25 bonus if you link your 529 plan within 30 days of signing up!

What are the disadvantages of a 529 plan?

Disadvantages of 529 Plans

  • Limited Investment Options.
  • The Fees May Be High.
  • A 10% Penalty Applies to Non-Qualified Withdrawals.
  • Time Isn’t Always On Your Side.

Are 529 contributions tax deductible in California?

California State Income Tax Information While contributions are not deductible for California income tax purposes, earnings accrue free of state income tax. Any withdrawals used for qualified higher education expenses and outgoing rollovers to other qualified 529 plans and 529A ABLE accounts are also state tax free.

Does Nevada have a 529 plan?

The SSGA Upromise 529 Plan is sponsored by the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office, whose mission is to help all Nevada families save for college. No annual account fee: The plan’s $20 annual account fee is waived for account owners and/or beneficiaries who are Nevada residents.

What is the max 529 contribution for 2021?

$15,000 per
In 2021, that means you can contribute up to $15,000 per beneficiary ($30,000 per married couple) to a 529 plan without having to pay gift taxes. If you set up more than one 529 plan this year, you can contribute up to $15,000 to each without having to file a gift-tax return.

What are the negatives of a 529 plan?

How much can a grandparent give to a 529 plan?

The principal and earnings from a 529 plan are not taxed, so long as the money is used to pay for qualified educational expenses. Any person can give any other individual up to $15,000 in 2021 without paying a gift tax.