Is Saraswati daughter or wife of Brahma?

Is Saraswati daughter or wife of Brahma?

Goddess Saraswati is generally mentioned as Brahma’s wife and she represents his creative energy (shakti) as well as the knowledge which he possesses. According to the scriptures, Brahma created his children from his mind and thus, they were referred to as Manasputra.

Does Brahma marry Saraswati?

In Hindu mythology, Saraswati is the wife of the great god Brahma. However, according to some traditions, she was first the wife of Vishnu. The latter, though, already had his hands full with two other wives and so he gave Saraswati to Brahma.

Who is the daughter of Saraswati?

Saraswati (Sanskrit: सरस्वती, IAST: Sarasvatī) is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, speech, wisdom, and learning. She is a part of the tridevi of Saraswati, along with Lakshmi and Parvati….

Siblings Shiva
Consort Brahma

Was Brahma attracted to his own daughter?

When Brahma created this universe, the first thing he created was a Goddess named Shatarupa, he was immediately infatuated by her and pursued her wherever she went. One of the reasons on why we do not worship Lord Brahma is because of this very story that he fell in love with his own daughter.

Who is the son of Brahma?


Which Hindu king married his own sister?

She was born a princess of Kashi and was the sister of King Prasenajit….

Kosala Devi
Spouse Bimbisara
Issue Ajatashatru
Dynasty Haryanka (by marriage) Ikshvaku (by birth)
Father King Maha-Kosala

Who is Parvati father?


Parents Himavan (Father) Maināvati (Mother)
Siblings Ganga (Elder Sister) Vishnu (Celestial Brother) Mainak (Elder Brother)
Consort Shiva
Children Ganesha (Son) Kartikeya (Son) Ashokasundari (Daughter; according to the Padma Purana)

How many years Brahma and Saraswati lived as husband and wife?

Brahma and his daughter Saraswati lived as husband and wife indulging in incest for 100 years. They had a son Swayambhumaru. Swayambhumaru made love with his sister Satarpa.

Is Sarasvati Ma Brahma’s daughter?

It is in records that Sarasvati Ma was created by Brahma deva. She is not the daughter got through Brahma deva marrying a girl and giving birth through her womb. He CREATED Sarasvati Ma. Still as per the theory, she must be considered as his daughter. However, if you take the FIRST Creations, there must have been the creation of one girl and boy.

Who is the mother of Saraswati?

Thus, Saraswati had no mother. Brahma and his daughter Saraswati lived as husband and wife indulging in incest for 100 years. They had a son Swayambhumaru.

Is Saraswati an independent goddess according to Hinduism?

From the Vedas to the Epics to the Puranas, the character of Saraswati morphs significantly, but she consistently comes across as an independent goddess. What really transpired between Saraswati and Lord Brahma? How is Saraswati related to Brahma according to mythology? The story of Brahma and Saraswati is really interesting.